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Let’s Talk About PR


Want to see your product featured at Travel Gift List?  Here’s how:



If your product has already gotten lots of five-star reviews…

Send me a message below to give me a heads up about your product!  Try to include links to a couple reviews in your message so I can get an idea of its potential.  I’d be happy to look into including your product in an upcoming gift list.


If your product isn’t well-known yet / you’re looking for a full-out review…

Send me a message below and we can talk about my reviewing a free sample of your product.  If I like it, I’ll post an authentic, enthusiastic review here at Travel Gift List.  I’ll also see about including it in future gift lists alongside other popular travel products.

(If I don’t like the product, I won’t review it.  That means you don’t have to worry about getting any negative publicity from this site.)




PR Contact:

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