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Travel Sound Machine: Why It’ll Help You Sleep Better on the Road



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Whether you’re at home or on the road, this travel sound machine could be your key to a good night’s sleep.

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The Sound+Sleep MINI at Amazon

Don’t you love the way hotel rooms sound?  Whether it’s soothing TV explosions down the hall or some guy in army-style boots pacing upstairs, there’s always some kind of soothing background noise.  Right?  Oh….wait.  Maybe those noises aren’t soothing. In fact, maybe the average hotel’s ambient noise is actually slightly less soothing than a cat’s 6-am “You’d better feed me now” chorus.

Whether you’re at home or on the road, the Sound+Sleep MINI Adaptive Sound Machine for Travel ($69.99 on Amazon) could help you get a good night’s sleep. This 2.5-inch-tall travel sound machine is battery operated and responds to your environment to cover up ambient noise.  That is, it adjusts automatically to maintain a pleasant sound environment when background noise would otherwise get in the way.  With 12 unique categories of natural sounds, 4 fan sounds, and 12 white/pink/brown noises, this travel sound machine offers lots of great options for the sleep sound connoisseur.


Unlike many similar sound machines, the Sound+Sleep MINI is tiny.  Only 2.5 inches tall and weighing about 1 pound, the travel sound machine can  be tucked away in a briefcase, purse, or carry-on.  You can plug it in via AC or USB or run it off four AA batteries.  Amazon reviewers raved about the quality of the sound, which most people didn’t expect from such a small machine.  Many also said they loved how the travel sound machine could also act as a speaker to play music off a computer or MP3 player.


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Travel Sound Machine: Sleep Better on the Road
Whether you’re at home or on the road, a travel sound machine might be your key to a good night’s sleep.


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