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5 Top Rated MP3 Players: Which One Fits Your Travel Style?



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These top rated MP3 players make great gifts for everyone from adventure travelers to luxury jet-setters.

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Nowadays, most travelers won’t set foot out the door without an MP3 player packed for the journey.  Is your traveler of choice is still going without?  Then you’ve got the opportunity to give one of the most entertaining and practical travel gifts out there.

The best travel gift always depends on the traveler at hand. Are you shopping for a luxury jet-setter or an adventure traveler?  What’s more important: playback quality, or the ability to take pictures and watch movies?  And, of course, what’s the price point?  Take a moment to figure out your traveler’s priorities, then check out the top rated MP3 players below!




For budget travelers:


The SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB ($84.97 at offers great bang for your buck.  Don’t take my word for it, though–take it from the 14 different reviewers who used those exact words to describe it (seriously, here’s the Amazon listing). Travelers who want to play games or browse the internet may be out of luck with this simple device.  For those who don’t want to worry about losing expensive gadgets in budget accommodations, though, these top rated MP3 players could be a perfect match.


For business travelers:


The Apple iPod nano 16GB (Price Not Found at is tiny, lightweight, and eminently packable.  Their slim silhouette makes these top rated MP3 players a perfect fit for tightly-packed carry-on bags, and they’ve got plenty of music and file storage space.  Add wide-screen video for long plane rides and a radio for checking out local music stations, and you’ve got a great fit for frequent business travelers.


For luxury jet-setters:


The 5th generation Apple iPod touch 64GB ($399.00 at is known to be one of the best travel gadgets out there–so it’s the perfect gift for jet-setters who want nothing but the best.  These top rated MP3 players have enough storage space and battery life to keep you entertained through a long journey. The 100,000 games and 700,000 apps available through the App Store add even more possibilities!  Pile in high performance iOS6 and Apple’s famously excellent iSight camera with HD video recording, and you’ve got a gift that no traveler will leave home without!


For on-the-go audiophiles:


The Fiio X3 Mastering Quality Music Player ($249.99 at makes a great travel gift for the true audiophile.  With 8GB built-in memory and an a micro-SD slot supporting up to 64GB expansion, you won’t lack for storage space, but the true highlight of these top rated MP3 players is that they support pretty much every type of lossless music (APE, FLAC, ALAC, WMA and WAV) up to 192kHz/24-Bit.  That means for discerning ears, they’ll sound miles ahead of most competitors. To quote one Amazon reviewer:

My initial reaction when first experiencing the sound was that I was in the studio listening to the actual recording. It’s that good!


For adventure-seekers:


Wondering what kind of MP3 player could hold up to swimming, skiing, or skydiving?  If your chosen traveler loves adventure, take a look at the Waterfi Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB (Price Not Found at  Waterfi’s Dual Layer Technology uses a two-step process to make these top rated MP3 players waterproof and shockproof.  Take them kitesurfing in Australia or snowboarding in the Alps; these iPod shuffles can keep up with your travels!


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5 Top Rated MP3 Players: Which Fits Your Travel Style?
Which of these top rated MP3 players is the right fit for your traveler?


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