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Review: Olixar Power Up Kit



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The Olixar Power Up Kit is a fantastic charging kit for on-the-go travelers. It’s practical, high-quality, and works with both Android and Apple products.

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Tired of losing travel adapters and untangling charge cords?  Hate when your cell phone runs out of juice in the middle of nowhere?  The Olixar Power Up Kit (see it at MobileFun) is an Apple- and Android-compatible charger set that’s perfect for travelers on the go.  Whether you’re visiting the Parthenon or exploring the Australian Outback, this kit will keep your gadgets powered up throughout your adventures.

Mobilefun sent me a free sample of this kit so I could put together a review.  If I didn’t like the set, I would have hidden it away without writing about it (see my review policy here).  Fortunately, I’ve found the Olixar Power Up Kit to be high-quality, practical, and definitely worth recommending to other travelers.

The Olixar Power Up Kit includes a USB travel adapter, a 2500mAh external battery pack, and two nifty retractable cables.


Here are all the pieces put together in their travel case.
See The Olixar Power Up Kit at MobileFun.

The included Olixar USB travel adapter has four separate USB ports.  It also has four adapters for EU, US, UK and Australian plug sockets, making it compatible in more than 150 countries.  I’ve found this adapter to be really convenient for daily use while living abroad in Spain.  It also helps cut down on fights over plugs in shared hotel rooms!  You can see my previous review focused entirely on the Olixar USB travel adapter here.

The external battery pack in the Olixar Power Up Kit is another major selling point. This slim portable power bank can be used with its built-in Micro USB or a Lightning connector.  So, whether you’re an Android or an Apple user, you can charge your phone on the go. With 2500mAh capacity, it’ll add up to 138% of battery power to your iPhone 6.  Also, this battery is so compact that it’ll easily fit in a spacious wallet or in a side pouch in your travel bag.


And this is the slim portable power bank that’s included in the set.
See The Olixar Power Up Kit at MobileFun.

Finally, we have the two retractable Lightning / Micro USB charge & sync cables.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t get excited about cables.  The fact that these are retractable (no more tangled cords!) and compatible with both Apple and Android, though, makes them worth a mention.  It’s hard to find a compatible charge kit if you own both Apple and non-Apple products.  These simple cables bridge that gap easily.


These are some super practical retractable cables.
See The Olixar Power Up Kit at MobileFun.

In a nutshell, the Olixar Power Up Kit is high-quality, practical, and basically eliminates the need to carry multiple chargers.  One small quibble would be that the foam backing that fills half the case initially might be worth removing — it’s not a very efficient use of space for those of us who like to travel light.  However, the carrying case itself zips closed and seems like a great setup for keeping all your charging gadgets in one place.  It also leaves plenty of space for customizing the kit by adding your own cords and chargers.


I definitely like how the travel case zips closed for convenience.
See The Olixar Power Up Kit at MobileFun.

So, if you’re looking to cover all your bases, the Olixar Power Up Kit might become your new favorite charger kit.  It’s definitely not inexpensive, but reviewers say the quality and versatility makes it worth the investment.

For travelers who love their gadgets and like to keep everything organized on the move, the Olixar Power Up Kit could make a fantastic travel gift.


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Review: Olixar Power Up Kit
The Olixar Power Up Kit is a fantastic charging kit for on-the-go travelers. It’s practical, high-quality, and works with both Android and Apple products.


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