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An international travel adapter makes a perfectly practical travel gift.

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An international travel adapter makes a perfectly practical travel gift.  Does a dull white adapter seem too boring?  Have no fear: The adapters in this collection come in different designs, colors, and sets.  Some of them have lots of funky sliding dials, and this one looks kind of like children’s building blocks.  You just get to choose the best option for the lucky traveler.  Added benefits?  Not only is this travel gift guaranteed a spot in any traveler’s suitcase, it also won’t break the bank.

Most of the products listed here are adapters, not converters, which means they won’t convert electrical output current or voltage.  Check your devices’ voltage to see if they’ll work without a converter at your destination.  If you’re not sure what voltage you’ll be dealing with, here’s a handy resource for learning about adapters and voltage for international travelers.

Travel gadgets like laptops and tablets often include built-in voltage converters and can easily be paired with these lightweight adapters.  During my recent travels between 15 countries and three continents, I’ve completely replaced my heavy voltage converters with lightweight plug adapters like these.


Which is the Best International Travel Adapter for you?

Satechi Smart Travel Adapter with USB Port


The Satechi Smart Travel Adapter ($29.99 at pairs a cheerful design with the ability to charge up two devices at once (one with a normal AC outlet, and the other with the USB port).  It’ll work with electric outlets in over 150 countries, and the retractible prongs make it super easy to pack.

For some travelers, the Satechi Smart Travel Router (another model of the same device) will be an even better fit.  That model (see it here at includes a built-in router for Internet access on the road.

This is the best international travel adapter for light packers looking to slim down their gadget-filled suitcases.



Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter


The Flight 001 4-in-1 adapter ($24.18 at follows a simple map so you know which plug you need to pack for which destination. It also look a lot like a set of children’s building blocks.  This is the best international travel adapter for the world traveler who’s still a kid at heart.



Skross World Travel Adaptor 3


The Skross World Travel Adaptor 3 ($33.10 at is a top-quality travel adapter perfect for long-term travelers.  It’s got every plug you’re likely to need, and it all packs together so you don’t need to worry about losing pieces during your travels.  This is the best international travel adapter for world travelers who are OK with paying a little extra for peace of mind.



elago Tripshell World Travel Adapter with DualUSB Charger


The elago Tripshell World Travel Adapter ($18.99 at includes surge protection and safety shutters designed to protect kids from accidental electric shocks.  It’s also got a dual USB port.  It may not be as durable as pricier models, but this is still the best international travel adapter for world travelers who don’t mind a little bulk as long as they’ve got USB charging capabilities.



Ceptics International Travel Plug Adapter


The Ceptics International Travel Plug Adapter ($6.99 at is lightweight, compact, and inexpensive.  The eye-catching color is both fun and practical: something this noticeable is way less likely to get forgotten in the hotel room.  One reviewer did mention that this adapter doesn’t work with three-prong plugs, though, so be aware of that in your shopping! This is the best international travel adapter for budget travelers looking for colorful good value.



Targus World Power Travel Adapters


The Targus World Power Travel Adapter ($21.24 at includes three separate plugs that nest together in a neat carrying case during transport.  The whole package is lightweight and compact.  This is the best international travel adapter for frequent travelers looking for a “nesting” style adapter set without the Ceptic’s adapter’s eye-catching style.



Olixar Travel Adapter with 4 USB Ports


I was lucky enough to receive a free sample of the Olixar Travel Adapter with 4 USB Ports for review from MobileFun.  I liked it enough that I decided to add it to this travel adapter collection.  With four USB ports, charging rates up to 2.4 Amps, and adapters for EU, US, UK and Australian plug sockets, this is the best international travel adapter for gadget enthusiasts with a global itinerary.



HiLo Converter/Transformer


The HiLo Converter/Transformer ($34.00 at includes five different adapter plugs packed together in a convenient carrying case.  This is the best international travel adapter for travelers seeking a top-quality accessory for their treasured travel gadgets. If you only visit a country or two per trip then the set’s especially convenient: carry less weight by just taking the plug that you need for that particular trip.



Ceptics GP-5PK International Travel Adapter Set


The Ceptics GP-5PK International Travel Adapter Set ($10.99 at is a cheap and convenient option that comes with its own carrying pouch.  This is the best international travel adapter set for budget-minded world travelers.


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Find the Best International Travel Adapter for Your Next Trip
Give the gift of gadget-friendly travel with the best international travel adapter for your traveler’s style.


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    Planning on purchasing the in Flight 001 4-1 adapter. I understand it’s only an adapter and not a converter. Can anyone tell me if I have my own converter, this will work with it? Any advice would be helpful. (Going to Jordan then Paris).


    Great list. I ended up getting this awesome universal adapter that has all these flags on it from TravelMore. I’d recommend adding it to your list.


      Thanks for your feedback, Joey. I can’t find enough positive reviews for that adapter to justify adding it to this post, but I’ll leave your link here in the comments in case other travelers want to give it a shot!


      Wow, this is so cool. Thanks for sharing. Just ordered one for myself and one for my son who is studying abroad this fall.


      Wow, very cool! I absolutely love the flag pattern. My son is studying abroad next semester in Spain so I was looking to buy him an adapter and all the other ones I have seen are so boring and only come in black and white. Glad I came across this one! Ended up just buying it on Amazon since it comes with free 2 day Prime shipping.


    Very helpful review here. Thanks for sharing.

    Thomas S Gumpf

    We are traveling to Ireland. I would like to keep my phone, iPad, cMera, etc charged but most importantly is that the wife wants to use her personal hair blower/ dryer. When she tried to use it in London we blew the hotel fuses for the room

    Can you make a recommendation of what we need: converter, adapter? We are lost. Thank you for a suggestion

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