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Top 10 Travel Organizers for Packing Right



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Travel organizers can be practical, or they can be silly and fun. They also have a lot of potential for making your travel simpler.

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Today I set out to answer my own longstanding question: Why do people buy funky-looking travel organizers?

After a bit of research into the ones listed below, I think I’ve figured it out.  The right combination of these products can keep your clothes organized (well, yes), clean (safe from your shoes and your wine!) and wrinkle-free.  Travel organizers can be practical, or they can be silly and fun.  They also have a lot of potential for making your travel simpler.

Here’s a handy collection of ten top-rated travel organizers that’ll smooth out your packing experience.


TGL Top Ten Travel Organizers:

1. The Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Folder: For Wrinkle-Free Clothes


These Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Folders (Price Not Found at Amazon) come with folding instructions and fit in a carry-on size bag.


2. The Pack-It® Compressor Sac Set: For Squeezing in Every Last Souvenir


Pack-It Compressor Sacs (click to see it at Magellan’s) are definitely space-saving travel organizers: use them to slim down your luggage anytime along your journey. Just place your bulkiest items in the compressor sacs and roll the excess air out–no vacuum needed!


3. eBags Packing Cubes – 3pc Set: For Easy Sorting


These eBags Packing Cubes ($40.00 for a 3-piece set at Amazon) are made of nylon and a soft mesh that won’t damage delicate fabrics. Use them to keep your bags organized and clean–they can even double as laundry bags on the way back home.


4. The Humangear GoToob 2 Ounce Travel Bottle (3 pack): For Safe and Squeezable Liquid Transport


Humangear GoToob Travel Bottles (Price Not Found at Amazon) are made of soft silicone that lets you squeeze out every last drop.  They’re easy to fill and clean, and they’re semi-transparent so you can keep track of what’s left inside.


5. The eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit: For Tidy Toiletries


This slim eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit ($34.99 at Amazon) includes plenty of storage space and a removable hanging hook.


6. AmeriLeather Leather Toiletry Bag: For Smooth Shaves


This Leather Toiletry Dopp Kit ($70.99 at Amazon) have that classic, doctor-bag look.  They’re made of high quality leather and have two side zippered pockets along with the roomy main compartment.


7. The Braza Bra Travel Bag: For Uncrushed Underthings


Useful travel organizers for any woman on the road, Braza Bra Travel Bags ($17.00 at Amazon) keep bras safe no matter how much other clothing is stuffed into that suitcase.  The hard case also includes two mesh pockets for jewelry and other small items.


8. Magellan’s Travel Tray: For Keeping Track of Little Things


This handy Travel Tray (click to see the price at Magellan’s) will help keep your valuables from getting scattered around the hotel room. It also packs down flat in your bag for easy transport.


9. The eBags Shoe Bag: For Stylish Shoes and Clean Suitcases


These eBags Shoe Bags ($30.00 at Amazon) feature heavy-duty zippers and a slip-sheet separator between shoes to keep leather and other delicate materials from getting scuffed.


10. Wine Diaper Reusable Padded Absorbent Bag: For Stain-free Wine Transport


A Wine Diaper Reusable Padded Absorbent Bag ($17.99 at Amazon) offers an affordable solution for safe wine transport. These travel organizers are highly rated for protecting bottles, and if the worst should happen and the bottle breaks, the Wine Diaper will keep your clothes from getting stained.


And an extra bonus for your travel organizers collection:

Travel Duct Tape: Because Duct Tape Fixes Everything


A roll of Travel Duct Tape (click to see the price at Magellan’s) means you’ve got 8+ feet of tear-repairing, suitcase-mending goodness at your disposal.  It might seem like a silly gift, but you never know when duct tape will come in handy!


Love it? Hate it? Already gave it?

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Ten Travel Organizers for Packing Right
Travel organizers can be practical, or they can be silly and fun. They also have a lot of potential for making your travel simpler.


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    Great tips – I have the eBags packing cubes and I love them. I don’t think they necessarily save space, but they keep everything much better organized. I’ve never seen anything like the bra travel bag – so cute!


      Thanks for your thoughts, Chelsea! And that makes perfect sense about the packing cubes. Adding extra items to your bag won’t really save space in most cases (you are adding a bit of weight and bulk, after all, unless we’re talking compressor sacs). They’re worth it because they make it so much easier to stay organized.

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