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Simplify Air Travel with a Portable Digital Luggage Scale



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Frequent flyers and anyone who likes to avoid extra stress and fees at the airport.

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Road trippers and train travelers who never worry about exact baggage weight.

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Now that airlines are really cracking down on weight requirements, a portable digital luggage scale can do a lot to make your travel easier.

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EatSmart Precision Voyager Portable Digital Luggage Scale at Amazon

I love paying overweight baggage fees!

Oh, wait.  Maybe those words have never been said by anyone ever.  So, here’s a travel gift idea that will take some of the stress out of travel: a portable digital luggage scale.  Not only do they come in bright colors and lightweight designs, they can also help you avoid unnecessary stress at the check-in desk.

Occasional travelers might be fine with weighing suitcases before leaving home, but a portable digital luggage scale makes a fantastic gift for frequent travelers.  Why?  Because everyone knows that suitcases can magically gain a few pounds during your vacation.

Camry Digital Luggage Scale at Amazon

Now that airlines are cracking down more and more on weight requirements, a portable digital luggage scale can really make your travel easier.


Portable Digital Luggage Scale Top Picks:

My top choice is the EatSmart Precision Voyager Portable Digital Luggage Scale ($29.95 at Amazon).  This scale is inexpensive, sturdy, and accurate.  The real selling point, though, is the customer service, which many different reviewers rave about.  It’s nice to find a brand that stands behind its products.


Taylor Digital Talking Luggage Scale at Amazon

My favorite for style is the brightly colored Camry Digital Luggage Scale ($19.99 at Amazon).  Featuring a compact design and four different color options, this portable digital luggage scale makes an attractive and practical travel gift.

Last but not least is the Taylor Digital Talking Luggage Scale ($44.99 at Amazon).  This one is a bit larger than the others and it has a lower maximum weight capacity.  Why include it, then?  Because reviewers rave about the ease of use.  Especially noteworthy is how it announces the weight reading out loud so you don’t waste precious travel minutes squinting at a digital read out.  This is the best portable digital luggage scale for travelers who prioritize ease of use over extreme portability.

All these scales got great ratings for durability  and accuracy.  Reviewers also say they’re easy to use, which should be a priority with any travel gadget.  Finally, each portable digital luggage scale on this list will disappear nicely in a side pocket of the suitcase until the moment you need it.

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Simplify Air Travel with a Portable Digital Luggage Scale
Simplify your travel with a portable digital luggage scale — and never worry about overweight baggage fees again.


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