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7 Great Picks for a Leather Travel Wallet



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Travelers who like to keep their currency and travel documents organized in style.

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Whether you travel for business or pleasure, the right travel wallet could be your key to comfortable, well-organized travels.

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Looking for a practical and elegant gift?  A leather travel wallet could be the perfect fit for your traveler.  Whether you travel for business or pleasure, the right wallet could make the difference between smooth travels and digging through documents at the airport.

What features are there to consider?  A passport pocket is crucial for some travelers and irrelevant for others.  RFID-blocking technology might save you from electronic identity theft.  A clear window for your driver’s license could be convenient for daily or domestic use, and a slot for a pen could save you from hunting for a pen en route (especially when you’re dealing with those pesky customs forms).

This collection includes seven top quality leather travel wallets.  Do you use a travel wallet when you’re on the road? What do you think of these ones?


1. Road Scholar


The Levenger Road Scholar leather travel wallet (Price Not Found at lets you organize your travel documents alongside your currency and credit cards.  The whole wallet has a zipper closure, and it includes a coin pocket perfect for traveling to countries with significant coin-based currency.


2. RFID Blocking Women’s Leather Wallet and Checkbook


The RFID Blocking Womens Leather Travel Wallet and Checkbook (Price Not Found at has pockets for currency, credit cards, and your passport.  It’s available in lots of colors, and it even features RFID blocking technology to block electronic theft of your personal information.


3. Visconti Multi Colored Soft Leather Travel Wallet Case


The Visconti Multi Colored Soft Leather Travel Wallet ($59.99 at is made of soft, colorful leather and includes multiple sleeves for your passport, tickets, currency, or receipts.  The zipper closure  and wrist strap are also great features for keeping your money and documents safely close at hand.


4. Security Passcase Wallet


The Levenger Security Passcase Wallet (Price Not Found at features top quality leather and a convenient layout.  While there isn’t a designated space for a passport, it does have plenty of space for receipts or foreign currency.


5. Lodis Audrey Passport Wallet with Ticket Flap


The Lodis Audrey Passport Leather Travel Wallet ($48.00 at has four card slots, a slide compartment for your passport, and an oversized pocket perfect for large airline tickets.


6. Visconti Multi Colored Passport Wallet


The Visconti Multi Colored Passport Wallet (Price Not Found at is richly colored and offers a practical combination of passport case and card wallet.  It’s available in green or pink and has a bit of space for receipts or bills, but this slim leather travel wallet doesn’t have a designated coin pocket.


7.  Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet


The Royce Leather RFID Blocking Leather Travel Wallet ($44.99 at has space for US and foreign currency along with an ID card and three credit cards.  It also has a designated pocket for your passport.


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Choosing the Right Leather Travel Wallet
A leather travel wallet makes a practical and elegant gift for any world traveler.


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