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Keep your Data Secure with a Leather RFID-Blocking Wallet



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Security-conscious travelers who like to keep their cash and documents close at hand.

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Travelers who prefer old-fashioned tinfoil when it comes to RFID-blocking technology.

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Concerned about identity theft? Set your mind at ease and keep your data safely packed away with a leather RFID-blocking wallet.

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What is RFID-blocking technology, and why do you need it?

As a frequent traveler, I’ve wondered about this one for a while, so here’s my answer.  Basically, RFID chips are built into lots of credit cards, passports, and other forms of ID.  They mean your information is easily accessible when you need to pay for something in a store or scan an ID card (which is good), but they also make the personal information stored inside vulnerable to anyone who’s nearby with an RFID scanner.

RFID-blocking technology (like any leather RFID-blocking wallet on this list) protects your personal information to prevent identity theft.  We all know that travelers carry more sensitive documents than your average commuter, and it makes sense to plan accordingly!

So, set your mind at ease and keep your data safely packed away with these traveler-friendly wallets.  If you already have a leather RFID-blocking wallet, or if you’d like one, leave your thoughts in the comments!


Royce Leather RFID-Blocking Passport Currency Wallet


Looking for a high-class wallet that won’t draw too much attention?  The Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet ($59.99  at Amazon) has storage for your passport, cards, and currency.  There’s also an extra bills section that’s a perfect fit for receipts or foreign money.  This is the best leather RFID-blocking wallet for international travelers who want to keep their passports and multiple currencies close at hand.



RFID Blocking Women’s Leather Wallet


With interior and exterior zipped pockets, two currency pockets, and plentiful space for cards and your passport, this RFID Blocking Women’s Leather Wallet ($69.95 at Amazon) is a sure fit for travelers who like to keep their documents close at hand.  At the time of writing, it’s available in 11 different colors.  This is the best leather RFID-blocking wallet for travelers who appreciate versatility and need lots of storage space.



Identity Stronghold RFID Blocking Mini Wallet


Want to prevent identity theft and find a wallet that won’t weigh you down?  The Identity Stronghold RFID-Blocking Mini Wallet ($18.95 at Amazon) probably fits the bill — and sorry for the pun.  This is the best leather RFID-blocking wallet for travelers looking for pocket-sized practicality.



 Royce Leather RFID Blocking Fan Wallet


The stylish Royce Leather RFID Blocking Fan Wallet ($29.99 at Amazon) looks great while it keeps your data safe from thieves.  With space for lots of cards, currency, and change, this is the best RFID-blocking wallet for travelers with a vibrant sense of style.



Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Secure Wallet


Identity Stronghold’s top-rated Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Secure Wallet ($39.90 at Amazon) includes 9 card slots and a divided bill fold perfect for keeping track of multiple currencies.  This is the best leather RFID-blocking wallet for security-conscious travelers looking for understated style and a top-quality wallet.


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Keep your Data Secure with a Leather RFID-Blocking Wallet
Keep your data safe and your mind on the road with a leather RFID-blocking wallet that’ll keep your data safe in style.


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