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Which is the cutest kids’ travel pillow?



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Going on a cross-country road trip? Or are you traveling across oceans for a family vacation in Europe or Asia?  No matter where you’re headed, you can make the journey more comfortable with a kids’ travel pillow that offers comfort, neck support, and lots of fun in the bargain.

I’ve put together this list partly because these products are adorable, but mostly so you can find a kids’ travel pillow your child won’t leave home without!


1. Animal Planet Neck Support


kids’ travel pillow from Animal Planet ($9.99 at is a great fit for young kids (age 1 and up). They’re available in 7 cute designs cushioned with soft, cozy fabric.  The company donates a portion of all purchases to R.O.A.R., a nonprofit dedicated to making the world a better place for animals.


2. Critter Piller Kid’s Neck Pillow


A kids’ travel pillow by Critter Piller ($9.99 at can keep traveling kids comfortable during nap time and happy during playtime.  Best for young kids, these neck pillows are available in three cheerful plush designs.  Their size makes them a good fit for kids and older toddlers.


3. Skip Hop Zoo Neck Rest


This top-rated kids’ travel pillow by Skip Hop Zoo ($12.99 at is my top pick for the cutest set in this collection! They’re made of soft velour that kids love, and they’re available in five vivid designs.  While these travel pillows are advertised for toddlers, reviewers say they’re a great fit for older kids too.


4. Noodlehead Travel Buddies Neck Pillow


An kids’ travel pillow from Noodlehead ($15.99 at offers up a great mix of cuteness and practicality.  Kids will love the soft plush and 11 different animal design options; parents will love that these travel neck pillows are hypoallergenic and machine washable.  The size will probably be a good match for kids and older toddlers.


5. BenBat Head and Neck Support


A Travel Friends kids’ travel pillow by BenBat ($15.99 at makes a great gift for any kid with a long road trip ahead.  Note that these links will currently take you to the Panda BenBat pillow (not pictured) but there are many more options available. The unique shape attaches to car headrests to provide gentle support for kids on the move.  Make sure you check the BenBat website for detailed age and sizing information that’s currently missing from the Amazon listing (just click on “Travel Friends” at the bottom of the BenBat homepage).


6. Travel Pillow Bear


This kids’ travel pillow bear ($25.75 at transforms from a cuddly stuffed animal into a soft, supportive travel neck pillow.  Filled with microbeads for lightweight comfort, this adorable combination of toy and travel accessory makes a great gift for any young explorer.


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Which do you think is the cutest kids’ travel pillow?
Help your family travel better with a kids’ travel pillow that offers comfort, neck support, and lots of fun in the bargain!


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