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Give a Top Quality Leather Passport Cover



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Travelers who want to keep their passports safe and travel in style.

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Travelers who like to store their passports into ziplock bags and hope for the best.

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A high-quality, unique, and affordable leather passport cover could end up being your top traveler’s favorite travel gift. 

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Looking for a simple gift that’ll come in handy for frequent fliers and holiday jetsetters?  You might want to give your traveler a high-quality, unique, and affordable leather passport cover.  The gifts in this collection come from Amazon and top-reviewed sellers on Etsy, and any of them could end up being your top traveler’s favorite gift.

Portland Leather Goods Passport Cover


For a simple and high-quality leather passport cover with an inspiring message, look no further than Portland Leather Goods. I received a sample passport cover from Portland Leather Goods for consideration for this site. While under no obligation to mention it, I decided I’d post about it here since the excellent construction, quality leather, and beautiful design definitely make this leather passport cover a worthwhile travel gift. These passport covers are made in the USA. You can also check out their luggage tags if you’re thinking of putting together a top quality, travel-friendly gift set.

Travelon Leather RFID Blocking Passport Case


The Travelon Leather RFID-Blocking Passport Case ($12.41  at Amazon) is the best leather passport cover for security-conscious travelers.  Coming from the travel-focused brand Travelon, this wallet has RFID blocking capabilities that will help keep your personal information safe while you’re on the road.


Visconti Soft Leather Passport Cover


The Visconti Soft Leather Passport Cover ($29.99  at Amazon) is currently offered in four different color schemes.  It offers a classic look and plenty of space for your passport and credit cards.


World Map Leather Passport Case


This creative World Map Leather Passport Cover from Etsy boasts a rustic look and a classic 3D-printed map design.  It comes from an established and top-rated Etsy seller, and the product itself has also earned plenty of positive reviews for its sturdiness and quality leather.


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Give a Top Quality Leather Passport Cover
A high-quality, unique, and affordable leather passport cover could end up being your top traveler’s favorite travel gift. 


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