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Don’t let a loose button slow you down! Be prepared for anything with a compact travel sewing kit.

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Remember that time you lost a button off your favorite shirt… in Oslo?

How about when your jeans ripped at the seam during that tour of Yellowstone?

Wardrobe malfunctions happen to the best of us.  A compact travel sewing kit could save you some stress and a lot of frantic shopping trips during your holidays.  That’s especially true if you like active travel or you often vacation with kids!

This post will look at four top-rated sewing kits and their weight, size, and quality so you can find the best fit for your next trip.


Embroidex Travel Sewing Kit


The Embroidex Sewing Kit ($6.95  at Amazon) is the smallest travel sewing kit on this list.  The shipping weight is a mere 2.9 ounces, and its compact size makes it a great fit for a purse or carry-on.  (You’ll want to to take out sharp objects before you go through security, though!)  Reviewers said that the tiny scissors are good quality, and the zippered case is a nice touch!


Kerro Outlets Professional Sewing Kit


The Kerro Outlets Professional Sewing Kit ($10.97  at Amazon) is a great fit for your carry-on.  It’s a little bigger than the Embroidex kit, but it offers a more comfortably sized scissor.  It only weighs in half an ounce heavier, at 2.4 oz. Overall, this travel sewing kit offers a nice balance between quality and portability.


Craftster’s Best Professional Sewing Kit


The Craftster’s Best Professional Sewing Kit ($49.99 at Amazon) takes up a little more space than the Kerro and Embroidex kits, but the boost in quality might be worth it to you! The Craftster’s travel sewing kit comes with small scissors for cutting thread as well as larger scissors perfect for cutting fabric.  Toss this one in your checked bags before flying or the trunk of your car before your next road trip.


Survival Sewing and Repair Kit


The Survival Sewing and Repair Kit ($13.95  at Amazon) is the best travel sewing kit for people who love camping or adventure travel.  It’s compact, lightweight (.8oz), and includes everything from basic sewing supplies to nylon thread and duct tape.  Just remember not to put this travel sewing kit in your carry-on.  It includes a small military-approved knife that could definitely raise red flags at security!


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Give a Compact Travel Sewing Kit
Don’t let a loose button slow you down! Be prepared for anything with a compact travel sewing kit.


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