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Top-Rated Samsonite Spinner Luggage



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Travelers whose appetite for spinner suitcases gets even better when there's a great deal involved.

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Travelers who prefer upright suitcases to spinners.

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Based on reviews around the web, the Hyperspace Collection is the TGL top pick for the best Samsonite spinner luggage. It also happens to be on sale right now!

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When I plunged into product research today, I wasn’t even looking for sales. I just wanted to find the best-rated Samsonite spinner luggage in three size categories: small, midsize, and large.  Then I realized that in all those sizes, everywhere I looked, the Hyperspace line consistently came out on top.  A bit more digging, and I found that Samsonite was running a closeout sale on this collection!


Best Samsonite Spinner Luggage: The Hyperspace Collection


The Hyperspace Collection is a lightweight line of durable Samsonite spinner luggage.

Reviewers describe these bags as “lightweight,” “classy looking,” “well designed and compacticon.”  The “Hyperspace” name sounds a little silly, but that hasn’t stopped the bags from earning five star reviews on all the major e-commerce sites.

The suitcases in Samsonite’s Hyperspace Collection feature multidirectional spinner wheels for near effortless movement on most surfaces.  The plentiful pockets and practical design features make for easy packing, and the exterior’s “SamGuard” protection keeps clothes safe (and keeps your bag looking all pretty and new) by repelling oil, dirt, and water.

The Official Samsonite Hyperspace Collection

Uh oh! Is the Hyperspace spinner you wanted already out of stock on the Samsonite website?  You can still look for it on Amazon:

Search Samsonite Hyperspace Spinners on Amazon

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Top-Rated Samsonite Spinner Luggage Sale
Based on reviews around the web, the Hyperspace Collection is the TGL top pick for the best Samsonite spinner luggage.


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