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Which is the Best Handbag Organizer Insert for Travelers?



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If your travel purse doesn’t have a perfect set of pockets, a handbag organizer insert might become your favorite travel accessory.

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Don’t miss that fantastic travel moment because you’re busy digging through your purse.  Instead, make sure everything’s just where you need it with a handbag organizer insert.

Why use a handbag organizer when you’re on the road?  Two reasons:

  1. Traveling often means carrying around important documents that you don’t want to lose (like tickets for that expensive museum, or the all-important passport).
  2. Imagine you just arrived in an amazing new place.  You don’t want to waste precious time fishing through your bag for your hotel key card or your cell phone!

The right handbag organizer insert can save you time; it also might save your nerves some shredding.  No more worrying about where you stashed those ferry tickets or your boarding pass!  Just make sure you check the dimensions of the organizer insert and your purse before you order, so you can set off with an organizer that fits your handbag perfectly.


The Outback Pouchee Purse Organizer at Amazon


Which is the right handbag organizer insert for you?

Want to keep your small travel bag organized?  My top pick for organizing small purses is the The Outback Pouchee Purse Organizer (Price Not Found at Amazon).

This 7.5″-wide handbag organizer insert has earned fantastic reviews.  The quality synthetic leather looks good without inflating the price, and the magnetic top closure is super practical (especially when you’ve got your bag filled to the brim with travel goodies).


The PurseN Handbag Organizer comes in lots of colors and sizes, and offers a little more space for those of us who carry our lives in our purses!

Looking to organize a larger handbag?  The PurseN® Organizer ($48.00 at Amazon) is adjustable, practical, and high quality.  The 11 pockets mean plenty of space for your travel essentials.  There’s also a zipper pocket that’s just right for coin-heavy foreign currency.

Searching for an organizer insert with a twist?  Check out the PurseN Illumin ($78.00 at Amazon), which has built-in LED lights.  I thought this was an interesting option, though a light-up handbag might not be right for everyone!


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Which is the Best Handbag Organizer Insert for Travelers?
Don’t waste precious travel time digging through your purse! A handbag organizer insert makes a perfectly practical travel accessory.


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