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Which is the Best Camera Backpack for Women?



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If you want to carry a good-looking bag and be kind to your shoulders, a quality camera backpack is key. That’s why I put together this collection of the best camera backpacks for women.

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You’ve invested in a new travel camera, got the coolest accessories, and now you’re heading off for a dream holiday.  There’s still one question left, though: How will you pack your fantastic new gadgets?

If you want to carry a good-looking bag and be kind to your shoulders, a quality camera backpack is key.  That’s why I put together this collection of great options for the best camera backpack for women.  The daypacks below all offer top-notch protection for your camera and earned great ratings online.

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Which is the Best Camera Backpack for Women Travelers?

Kelly Moore Pilot Camera Backpack



The Kelly Moore Pilot Camera Backpack ($299.00 at makes a fantastic gift for travelers, not just because it doesn’t look like a camera backpack.  Keep your camera safe in the removable padded basket while your laptop slips neatly into its own padded laptop sleeve.  The backpack straps are also adjustable for maximum comfort.  This is the best camera backpack for women who want to balance their passion for travel photography with an unstoppable sense of style.


National Geographic Bags: Earth Explorer Photography Backpack (Medium)


The National Geographic Bags Earth Explorer Medium Photography Backpack ($109.95 at is lightweight, compact, and weather resistant.  It’ll fit plenty of gear, and it offers high quality construction without looking like a bag that’s filled with expensive camera equipment.  This is the best camera backpack for women travelers looking for a practical, rugged bag that won’t stand out in a crowd.


Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L AW


The Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L AW ($156.18 at is a sleek outdoor daypack that’s versatile and weatherproof.  Keep your gear organized with multi-functional compartments and a removable, fully padded “camera box.”  This is the best camera backpack for women adventure travelers who want a practical, low-key case to keep their gear safe on the road.


Portare’ PBP2 multi use Camera Backpack


The Portare’ PBP2 multi use Camera Backpack (Price Not Found at is spacious, versatile, and user-friendly.  All the dividers in this bag’s fully padded interior are moveable so you can configure the bag for your needs.  The separate laptop compartment is also a great feature for speeding you through security.  This is the best camera backpack for women travelers with diverse needs and a moderate budget.


National Geographic NG A5270 Medium Rucksack


The National Geographic NG Medium Rucksack ($97.10 at is a fantastic option for urban and travel photographers.  It doesn’t look like a camera backpack, but it’ll easily fit priority camera gear and even has space for a laptop.  This is the best camera backpack for women who need a practical, comfortable camera bag for their travels round the world.


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Which is the Best Camera Backpack for Women Travelers?
This hand-picked collection lets the reader decide which is the best camera backpack for women travelers.


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    These bags look very sturdy :-) just what you need for the active traveller. If you are heading out on a city break i’d recommend the mooli designer camera bag. Its super stylish and totally practical


    Why “… for women”? Why not just the best camera backpack?? Why even categorise? Stupid.


      Thanks for your comment, Nadja! I thought the same thing at first. The truth is, though, that bags that aren’t bulky, black and blocky are usually categorized, rightly or wrongly, as being “for women.” Really, though, these bags could work for anyone who’s looking for a stylish twist on the classic black camera backpack.


    Thanks! I have found general backpacks for photographers uncomfortable, especially in my shoulders because the bag is too long to fit my shorter shoulder to hip distance. I like to carry most of the weight on my hips and not on my shoulders. I hope one of these fits the bill.


    Maybe they’re designed with women’s body’s in mind… like boobs… I find so many back packs font straps and cross one are right over my boobs which is quite uncomfortable…

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