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What’s the perfect travel gift for a writer? Something that makes writing on the road more practical, interesting, and fun.

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What’s the perfect gift for a writer?  Since no one’s come up with a button you press to get ideas flowing (Google’s still working on that), many writers take to the road for inspiration.  That’s your key to this whole gift endeavor.  After all, combining travel and writing can be a challenge.  As the one searching through these travel gifts for writers, you can take this opportunity to make writing on the road more practical and fun!


Top 10.5 Travel Gifts for Writers

1. Brookstone Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard


If you like your writing tools to be as high tech as possible, you’ll love the Brookstone Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard ($99.99 at Amazon).  Not only is it portably tiny, this gadget is sure to impress everyone from friends to random passers by.  These travel gifts for writers are fun and unique.  They’re also much more convenient than trying to type out your manuscript using an on-screen smartphone keyboard.


2. Scroll Pen


What writer hasn’t had to dig for a pen and paper when inspiration suddenly sprang to mind?  Placate your inner muse and be prepared for great ideas with an elegant Scroll Pen ($51.99 at Amazon).  This well-designed pen provides its own paper and can be used as an all-in-one traveling notepad or journal.  Not only do these make unique travel gifts for writers and other professionals, they’re also great conversation starters.


3. Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen


This gift idea comes with a bit of a disclaimer: the rating for this product has slipped a little below what I like to see for products I post here at TGL.  (At the time of writing, it’s got 3.6/5 stars).  That being said, the Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen (Price Not Found at Amazon) has gotten rave reviews from many users, and the concept is just fantastic.  These “smartpens” save written notes and audio captures to your computer, even letting you link audio recordings with your digitized notes.  Talk about unique travel gifts for writers… or anyone else!

Learning a new language? Link your digitized written notes to authentic pronunciations on the road. Inspired by an outdoor performance? Capture the sound of the instruments and write about the experience.  Since you don’t need the original notebook to review your notes, these make great travel gifts for writers who travel light.


4. Kindle Paperwhite


Were you that traveler who used to fill the bottom layer of the suitcase with books?  That’s how I traveled for most of my life!   Fortunately for both of us, today’s  e-readers let you pack hundreds of books into a gadget that weighs less than the average paperback.

Not sure which e-reader to buy? The Kindle Paperwhite (Price Not Found at Amazon) is currently leading the pack.  After doing piles of research for my All New Kindle Paperwhite Review Roundup, I absolutely recommend these fun and useful travel gifts for writers, readers, and anyone else.


5. International Pocket Briefcase® with Pocketini Pen


Here’s a trick to make sure you’re never without something to write with: carry a pen and paper in your wallet.  Especially useful for writers, business travelers, and students (especially language learners), the  International Pocket Briefcase® with Pocketini Pen (Price Not Found at Amazon) will help you stay up-to-date and organized while you’re on the move.  This top quality leather wallet fits a Pocketini pen and 3×5 cards, and the second currency pocket is just the right size for your passport.


6. Eccolo World Traveler Lofty Thinking Journal


Give inspiration with a 6×8 inch, brightly cheerful Eccolo World Traveler Lofty Thinking Journal (Price Not Found at Amazon).  Journals are classic travel gifts for writers, and this one plays off that tradition nicely.  The front cover features Augustine’s famous quote: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”  If you want to see more travel journals, check out the post Top 10 Leather Travel Journals.


7. Moleskine Classic Memo Pockets


Moleskine notebooks have long been seen as essential companions for writers.  Now, Moleskine Memo Pockets (Price Not Found at Amazon) can help those same writers keep their inspirations organized on the road.  Whether you’re keeping track of favorite restaurants for a travel article or collecting recipes for a combined culinary/literary masterpiece, these pocket-filled books make great travel gifts for writers who like to hold onto paper mementos from their journeys.


8. Saddlebag iPad® Sling


Any writer who travels with a tablet will appreciate a top-quality Saddlebag iPad® Sling (Price Not Found at  With just enough space for your tablet, wallet, phone, and other necessities, this bag makes a great carry-on or day bag for writers who spend a lot of time on the road.


9. WD My Passport 2TB Portable Metal External Hard Drive


You know that moment when the laptop freezes and you wonder if weeks of writing might have disappeared into technology’s Bermuda Triangle? If that does sound familiar, it might be time to invest in travel-sized, top-rated WD My Passport 2TB Portable Metal External Hard Drive (Price Not Found at Amazon). These travel gifts for writers will help you keep your writing and other files backed up on the road — and they’ll take up almost no space in your carry-on.


10. Starbucks Via Ready Brew Coffee


Every writer could use an occasional energy boost on the road, and Starbucks Via Ready Brew Coffee (Price Not Found for a 7-count package at Amazon) supplies caffeine along with a delicious cup of coffee.  These make great travel gifts for writers who know that coffee is the tastiest cure for jetlag.  If the writer on your mind really loves coffee, you might also want to check out this post: 22 Tasteful Travel Gifts for Coffee Lovers.


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Top 10.5 Travel Gifts for Writers
Make your chosen writer a happier traveler with one of these practical and fun travel gifts for writers.


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