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The Ultimate List: 75 Travel Gifts for Photographers



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This ultimate collection brings together the best photo-themed gifts from around the web.

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Looking for a fun travel gift for the photographer in your life? With a whopping 75 top-rated travel gifts for photographers and anyone who loves creating art with the click of a shutter, this collection brings together the best travel gifts for photographers from around the web. Since I’m a picky shopper myself, I’ve made sure all the gifts here earned great ratings and reviews.  If you have more ideas for top-rated travel photographer gifts, I’d love to see your suggestion in the comments! Now, we’re starting with the basics, then going into the fun, strange, and quirky.  The last category is filled with bestselling, top-rated photography books.  Here goes!

  1. Travel Gifts for Photographers: Photo Gear
  2. Travel Gifts for Photographers: Photo Accessories
  3. Travel Gifts for Photographers: Fun Photo-Themed Gifts
  4. Travel Gifts for Photographers: Phone Camera Accessories
  5. Travel Gifts for Photographers: Travel Photography Books

I love these gifts, but I’m not the most important one here.  Let me know what you think!  


Travel Gifts for Photographers: Photo Gear


1. Essential Gear: Cameras and Lenses

best-travel-gifts-for-photographers-canon-EF 50mm-f/1.8-II

The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II: Amazon’s current bestselling lens

Are you looking to buy a new camera or lens for your favorite photographer?  That’s great.

I can tell you that the current best-selling lens on Amazon is the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II, a solid prime lens that’ll let the lucky photographer take fantastic low-light shots.  Alternately, I’d happily recommend one of the cameras on TGL’s list of The 17 Best Cameras for Travel (and for your budget).

If the photographer on your mind already has an established photography “kit” and a beloved routine, though, you know what would be the best next step for your gift hunt?

Ask.  Really, just ask.

Photographers are usually picky about their gear, and many spend (too much) time dreaming about specific camera and lens upgrades.  Sure, that new lens might not come as the biggest surprise when it’s unwrapped, but they’ll love it and you’ll feel great knowing it’s spent years on that wish list!


2. Gift Cards for Photo Equipment


If you want to help a photographer invest in gear but you don’t want to spoil the moment, consider getting a gift card for a reputable site like Amazon or B&H Photo and Video.  Other great travel gifts for photographers include gift cards for lens rental sites like or



Would you rather get unique photo gear that’s worth venturing off your photographer’s wish list?  Then check out these creative, top-rated travel gifts for photographers:


3. Diana Camera


The Diana Camera (click here to check the price at Uncommon Goods) is one of those few film cameras that’s stayed popular through the digital age.  It produces soft, dreamy images that infuse every shot with unpredictable effects and meaning.  These make great travel gifts for photographers looking to take their work to new creative levels.


4. Lomographic Fisheye Number 2 Camera


The Lomographic Fisheye Number 2 Camera ($51.15 at Amazon) combines old-fashioned 35mm film and a classic fisheye effect for a world of creative possibilities.  Check out these customer images at Amazon to get a hint of what this camera can do.


5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera


Why give this top-rated Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera ($123.15 at Amazon)? Because its instant prints combine the magic of film shooting, fond memories of your old Polaroid, modern quality, and the joy of instant gratification.


6. Stop Motion Camera and Accessories


Put away that glossy digital camera and enjoy a blast from this past with this old-fashioned Stop Motion Camera and Accessories (click here to see the price at Uncommon Goods).  The hand crank and 35mm film could be just the change your photographer needs to dive back into creative photography and videography.


7. Lensbaby Spark


The Lensbaby Spark ($89.95 at Amazon) is a selective focus lens.  These travel gifts for photographers let you capture images with a “sweet spot” of focus that’s surrounded by artistic blur.  It’s available for Nikon and Canon DSLRs.


Travel Gifts for Photographers: Photo Accessories


8. Three Axis Hot Shoe Bubble Level


Capture perfectly level landscapes with a Three Axis Hot Shoe Bubble Level (Price Not Found at Amazon).  These travel gifts for photographers mount right in your DSLR’s hot shoe, and they’re especially useful for photographers who travel with tripods.


9. Photoshop Keyboard Cover for MacBook


Never forget a Photoshop shortcut again with the GMYLE Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Film (Price Not Found at Amazon).  These make great travel gifts for photographers who are new to Photoshop or who just want to learn some new tricks!


10. Gorillapod


Practical and packable, Gorillapods make great travel gifts for photographers who like to pack light.  This Joby Gorillapod SLR-Zoom ($48.99 at Amazon) isn’t cheap, but it comes with a ball head included and supports much more weight than other portable alternatives.


11. Camera bags


The Portare’ PBP2 multi use Camera Backpack at Amazon

This site already has a few collections devoted to camera bags, like this comparison of rolling camera suitcases and this list of great camera backpacks for women.  Looking for something different?  Check out some globe-trotter-friendly options from National Geographic’s Amazon store, or make your own camera bag using a messenger bag, backpack, or purse and one of the many camera inserts available at Amazon.


12. Polaroid CZA10011 PoGo Instant Mobile Printer


With the Polaroid CZA10011 PoGo Instant Mobile Printer (Price Not Found at Amazon), photographers can print their photos on the go.  These are great travel gifts for photographers who like to print copies of their pictures during their travels.


13. Vintage Multi-Color Neck Strap


This Vintage VNH Multi-Color Neck Strap (Price Not Found at Amazon) makes a fun and inexpensive gift (or even a stocking stuffer) for photographers whose camera kits could use a dash of color.


14. HarmonyBohemian Camera Strap


For something a little more high-end, this Harmony 2″ SLR/DSLR Bohemian Camera Strap ($34.00 at Amazon) has earned fantastic ratings for comfort, durability, and (of course) style.


15. Lens Wrap


These Tenba Portable Wraps ($14.69 at Amazon) are usually used to wrap lenses up safely.  The biggest perk of these travel gifts for photographers is versalitity, though: You can use them to protect anything from camera bodies to laptops.


 16. Nikon Lens Pen Cleaning System


The Nikon 7072 Lens Pen Cleaning System (Price Not Found at Amazon) is an essential tool for any photographer who can’t stand dust motes clogging those blue skies!  These travel gifts for photographers are small enough to fit neatly into almost any photography kit.


17. Funny Camera Messenger Bag


While the Funny Camera Messenger Bag (click here to check the price at Zazzle) doesn’t come with any extra padding for your camera, it makes stylish and handy hideaway for any camera and case.


18. Blue Q Cameras Shoulder Tote


This casual Blue Q Cameras Shoulder Tote (Price Not Found at Amazon) is a great fit for those little extra items that end up bursting out of the suitcase when  you’re traveling the world.


19. Gerber Steady Tripod Multi-Tool


The Gerber Steady Tripod Multi-Tool (Price Not Found at Amazon) includes tripod functionality with a camera and cell phone mount along with other tools ranging from a bottle opener to a screwdrivers and wire cutters.  These make great travel gifts for photographers who spend a lot of time in the field or just appreciate a Swiss Army twist on your average miniature tripod.


20. Think Tank Cable Management 20 V2.0


Think Tank Cable Management 20 V2.0 bags (Price Not Found at Amazon) make practical travel gifts for photographers who love traveling but aren’t so enthusiastic about packing the cords, chargers, batteries, and other bells and whistles that make up a photography kit.


21. Holga Lens Kit For Nikon DSLR


Creative sets like this Holga Lens Kit for Nikon DSLRs (Price Not Found at Amazon) make fun and functional travel gifts for photographers who love to incorporate a retro look into their modern photography.


22. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5


Everyone’s heard of Adobe’s photo-editing mammoth Photoshop, but Adobe Lightroom (Price Not Found at Amazon) could be even more useful for most traveling photo lovers.  While it doesn’t offer the same pixel-level editing as Photoshop, Lightroom sports a host of options for editing your photos and (maybe even more important) organizing them with folders, keywords, and even by GPS location.


23. Power Monkey


Are you in love with your new travel camera but not so crazy about its battery life? The Power Monkey (Price Not Found at Amazon) will help you shoot about 1600 extra pictures before the battery light turns on.  You can also use these travel gifts for photographers to charge up phones and MP3 players.  For even more power, check out the Power Monkey eXtreme (Price Not Found at Amazon).


24. Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket


Looking for travel gifts for photographers who have too many memory cards to keep track of?  The Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket (Price Not Found at Amazon) helps you stow away memory cards safely while keeping them within easy reach.


25. OP/TECH USA Leather Media Card Holder


This real leather Media Card Holder by OP/TECH (Price Not Found at Amazon) looks classy and helps keep a couple extra media cards close at hand.


26. Shutter Hat Camera Cover


Keep your favorite photographer’s camera safe from the elements with a Shutter Hat Camera Cover (Price Not Found at Amazon).  These travel gifts for photographers are perfect for that summer camping trip or springtime hiking in the mountains.


27. International Plug Adapter


The right international plug adapter will help you keep your camera snapping and all your other gear juiced up no matter where you go.  The Flight 001 4-in-1 adapter (Price Not Found at Amazon) pictured here is a fun and popular option, or you can check out this TGL post that goes through lots of top-rated international plug adapters.


28. Natico Multifunctional World time Clock, Calendar and Calculator


Photography is all about light, but it can be easy to lose track of sunrise and sunset after a couple days on the road. The Natico Multifunctional World time Clock, Calendar and Calculator (Price Not Found at Amazon) is a practical, easy solution.  These travel gifts for photographers will help keep you on track so you can always remember when it’s time to go out and take the perfect travel shot.


29. Wolverine 20MP 4-In-1 Film to Digital Converter


Keep your travel images safe and organized by turning them into digital files with the Wolverine 20MP 4-In-1 Film to Digital Converter (Price Not Found at Amazon).  These make great travel gifts for photographers whose travels started before the digital age.



Travel Gifts for Photographers: Fun Photo-Themed Gifts


30. Arctic Photography Tour


What could be a better gift for your favorite adventure travel photographer than an Arctic Photography Tour with Intrepid Travel?  Guided by photographer Steve Davey, this tour takes travelers polar bear- and walrus-spotting from Longyearbyen around Spitsbergen.  Learn more at Intrepid Travel.


31. Lens Travel Coffee Mug / Thermos


Nothing quite beats drinking a hot cup of coffee out of your favorite camera lens.  This 24-105mm Travel Coffee Mug / Cup / Thermos (Price Not Found at Amazon) gives the photographer an opportunity to do just that — without risking any prized equipment, of course!  These make fun travel gifts for photographers who like to bring along a hot drink for their journey.


32. Life is like a camera luggage tags


Remind your favorite photographer to focus on the best parts of travel with these “Life is like a Camera” luggage tags (click here to check the price at Zazzle).


33. Custom Image Luggage Tag


Bring a favorite photo along for the ride with these Custom Image Luggage Tags (click here to check the price at Zazzle).  Not only are the practical applications of these travel gifts for photographers clear, the quality of the printing is also top notch!


34. Camera Lens Wrist Watch

Camera Lens Wrist Watches

Looking for unique travel gifts for photographers who are more focused on art than on time?  Then check out this Camera Lens Wrist Watch by ShabzDesigns (click here to check the price at Zazzle).


35. Toy Cameras Wrist Watch


This Toy Cameras Wrist Watch (click here to check the price at Zazzle) makes a colorful addition to any traveling photographer’s wardrobe.


36. Canvas on Demand Canvas Print


Would you like to focus on your favorite photographer’s art above all else?  Then give the gift of a top quality Canvas Print from Canvas on Demand.  The variety of size and style options makes these great travel gifts for photographers who seem to have everything.


37. Shagwear Women’s Wallet


Know a photographer who loves to accessorize?  This camera-themed Shagwear Women’s Wallet (Price Not Found at Amazon) makes a unique gift that won’t break the bank.


38. Photographer Evolution T Shirt


How has your photography evolved?  These Photographer Evolution T Shirts (click here to check the price at Zazzle) are fun and funny travel gifts for photographers who have a sense of humor about their art.


39. Women’s “I Shoot People” Novelty Humor T-Shirt


These Novelty Humor T Shirts (Price Not Found at Amazon) make fun novelty travel gifts for photographers.  Just remember to switch to a T shirt with blander humor before you go through airport security!


40. Old black camera wristlet


Looking for a simple and stylish photo-themed accessory?  This Old Black Camera Wristlet (click here to check the price at Zazzle) makes a great hideaway for a few extra camera cards, lens covers, or other accessories.


41. Keep Calm and Say Cheese Luggage Tag


Be a little British with this Keep Calm and Say Cheese Luggage Tag (click here to check the price at Zazzle).  These make fitting travel gifts for photographers with a bit of anglophile in them.


42. Camera Lens Wristbands


These Camera Lens Wristbands (Price Not Found at Amazon) make fun and simple travel gifts for photographers who want to add a photo-themed touch to their everyday wardrobes.


43. Photography Lingo Keychain


Keep those house keys in easy reach no matter where you go with this top-quality Photography Lingo Keychain (click here to check the price at Zazzle).


44. DSLR Icons Keychain


This DSLR Icons Keychain (click here to check the price at Zazzle) is simple, inexpensive, and would make a great stocking stuffer.


45. Custom Image Keychain


Customize a keychain for your favorite photographer with this Custom Image Keychain (click here to check the price at Zazzle).  The printing quality of these travel gifts for photographers is excellent, and you can’t beat the personal touch of a wholly customized gift.


46. “Peace Love Photos” Canvas Bags


Keep the most important things in life close at hand with a “Peace Love Photos” Canvas Bag (click here to check the price at Zazzle).


47. Camera-shaped USB Flash drive


Looking for a photography gift with a tech-related twist?  These top-rated Camera-shaped USB Flash Drives (Price Not Found at Amazon) look great, are available with 4 to 32GB storage, and make great travel gifts for photographers who love technology.


48. Kikkerland Photo and Card Holder


A Kikkerland Photo and Card Holder (Price Not Found at Amazon) is great for photographers who want to display their images at their destination but aren’t looking to riddle the walls with tacks or buy bulky frames.  Not only do these travel gifts for photographers look good, they also take up almost no space in a suitcase.


49. Caution, Frequent Stops Bumper Sticker


These Caution, Frequent Stops Bumper Stickers (click here to check the price at Zazzle) make fun travel gifts for photographers who can never turn down a good road trip.


50. Eat Sleep Photography Bumper Sticker


Help your favorite photographer stay focused on the road with this “Eat, Sleep, Photography” bumper sticker (click here to check the price at Zazzle).


51. Custom Image Water Bottle


Help a photographer display a favorite photo and stay hydrated with a Custom Image Water Bottle (click here to check the price at Zazzle).


52. Shoot Manual Photography T-Shirt


The Men’s Shoot Manual Photography T-Shirt (Price Not Found at Amazon) features a popular, fun design printed on-demand for the modern manual photographer.


53. Silver Camera Stud Earrings


Enjoy a little photographic glitz with a pair of Silver Camera Stud Earrings ($9.99 at Amazon).


54. Betsey Johnson “Royal Engagement” Camera Necklace


This top-rated Betsy Johnson Camera Necklace ($55.00 at Amazon) is a fun accessory that’ll look good with any travel photographer’s outfit.


55. “I love photography” iPad folio covers


Keep your technology photo-friendly with this rustic “I love photography” iPad folio cover (click here to check the price at Zazzle).


56. Vintage TLR Camera Case For The iPad Mini


Do you edit photos on your iPad Mini?  Dress that technology up with this Vintage TLR Camera Case (click here to check the price at Zazzle).


57. Funky Cameras Laptop Sleeves


Show off the traveler’s good taste and love of photography in one fell swoop with this Funky Cameras Laptop Sleeve (click here to see the price at Zazzle).  These travel gifts for photographers are also available with a red or blue background print.


58. Understanding Exposure


Switch your camera from Auto to awesome with Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson ($39.10 at Amazon), a book that’s helped thousands of photographers make the most of their cameras and their art.


Travel Gifts for Photographers: Phone Camera Accessories


59. Camera Lens Kit for Smartphones


Get three different lenses and three different cool effects with a Camkix Universal 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit for Smart phones ($12.49 at Amazon).  These travel gifts for photographers are available in six different colors.


60. Keyprop: Keychain Stand


Shoot perfect travel selfies with a Keyprop cell phone Keychain Stand ($13.50 at Amazon).  These travel gifts for photographers fit any phone with a headphone jack.


61. Veho MUVI X-Lapse 360-Degree Photography and Timelapse Accessory


The top-rated Veho MUVI X-Lapse 360-Degree Photography and Timelapse Accessory (Price Not Found at Amazon) lets traveling photographers create gorgeous timelapse sequences using iPhones, action cameras, or time lapse cameras.


62. Holga iPhone 5 Lens Filter Kit


The Holga iPhone 5 Lens Filter Kit (Price Not Found at Amazon) offers up lots of funky photo opportunities in a fun, eye-catching package.


63. ALM mCAMLITE Stabilizer Mount for iPhone 5


The ALM mCAMLITE Stabilizer Mount for iPhone 5 (Price Not Found at Amazon) is a great tool for serious photographers and cinematographers who want to make the most of their iPhone’s capabilities.  These travel gifts for photographers feature tripod and accessory mounts, a lens mount, a wide-angle macro combo lens, an external microphone, and great build quality.


64. Muku Shuttr


The Muku Shuttr remote shutter release (Price Not Found at Amazon) for the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, or Android lets you take great selfies, group photos, and videos from up to 30 feet away.  It’s currently available in four colors.


Travel Gifts for Photographers: Travel Photography Books


65. Humans of New York


Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York (Price Not Found at Amazon) makes a great example of how to showcase a place and its people through a camera lens.


66. Sebastiao Salgado. Genesis


Genesis (Price Not Found at Amazon), a collection of breathtaking black-and-white photographs by Sebastiao Salgado (edited by Lelia Wanick Salgado), was described by Salgado himself as a “love letter to the planet.”


67. Paris in Color


Wondering which of these travel gifts for photographers will be perfect for your favorite francophile?  Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson (Price Not Found at Amazon) offers up all the romance and none of the cliches with its artistic, color-coordinated photographs of Paris.


68. Iceland: Land of the Sagas



Iceland: Land of the Sagas by Jon Krakauer and David Roberts (Price Not Found at Amazon) combines stunning photography with in-depth explorations of Iceland’s landscapes, history, and mythology.


69. Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs


Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs (Price Not Found at Amazon), edited by Andrea G. Stillman, is a beautiful collection by one of the most popular photographers ever.  With lots of stunning landscape images from US National Parks, these make especially meaningful travel gifts for photographers who have visited (or plan to visit) those parks.


70. Hungry Planet: What the World Eats


Hungry Planet: What the World Eats by Peter Menzel  and Faith D’Aluisio (Price Not Found at Amazon) offers a fascinating exploration of food around the world with photographs of families and their food in 30 countries around the world.


71. National Geographic 125 Years


No collection of travel gifts for photographers could be complete without a nod to National Geographic.  National Geographic 125 Years: Legendary Photographs, Adventures, and Discoveries That Changed the World by Mark Collins Jenkins (Price Not Found at Amazon) showcases 600 breathtaking photos taken by Nat Geo photographers around the globe.


72. The Americans


The Americans (Price Not Found at Amazon) is a beautifully edited collection that showcases photographs taken by master photographer Robert Frank during his 1950s expedition around the United States.


73. Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World


Nurture a photographer’s wanderlust with Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World (Price Not Found at Amazon), a beautiful hardback collection featuring gorgeous photos from around the world.


74. Material World: A Global Family Portrait


Books like these make great travel gifts for photographers who believe travel and photography are just first steps towards understanding their world.  Featuring portraits of “statistically average” families from around the globe alongside their material possessions, Material World: A Global Family Portrait by Peter Menzel, Charles C. Mann, and Paul Kennedy (Price Not Found at Amazon) builds education and understanding with its vivid comparative portraits of the human condition.


75. Maddie on Things: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and Physics


Maddie on Things: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and Physics by Theron Humphrey (Price Not Found at Amazon) features 120 photos of sweet-tempered rescue dog Maddie doing what she does best: standing on things.  Theron, her owner, took these fun and hilarious photos during their year-long road trip while he worked on a photojournalism project.


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The Ultimate List: 76 Travel Gifts for Photographers
With a whopping 75 travel gifts for photographers, this hand-picked collection brings together the best creative photography gifts from around the web.


I'm a travel addict and shopping lover with six years abroad and seventeen countries under my belt. Now that I've settled down in Cambridge, MA for a couple years, TravelGiftList helps me keep up with the world of fun, quirky, and practical travel gifts!


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