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10 Fun Travel Gifts for Foodies



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Food enthusiasts who want their travels to have a culinary twist!

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Travelers who see food as a secondary travel experience.

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Whether your see this collection as a shopping list or a starting point, it should help you pin down the best gifts for your favorite food-loving traveler!

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What are the best travel gifts for foodies?  Maybe you can’t fit a kitchen in a suitcase, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fantastic food-related gifts to spice up your favorite food-lover’s next trip.

Before you start your search, make sure you think about the traveler at hand.  Are you buying a compact kitchen accessory for Mom’s vacation timeshare, or handy travel chopsticks for your favorite jetsetter?  Should you go ahead and buy your favorite foodie’s…well, food?  Cater to your traveler’s interests and the type of travel at hand, and you’ll end up with a gift that shows off your good taste.

The travel gifts for foodies below can be enjoyed on the road or at home.  Whether your see this collection as a shopping list or  a starting point, it should help you pin down the best gifts for your favorite food-loving traveler!


TGL Top 10 Travel Gifts for Foodies


1. DCI I Am A To Go Box


The DCI I Am A To Go Box (Price Not Found at Amazon) is a reusable take-out container that’s fun and practical.  Convenient for transporting everything from homemade meals to travel knickknacks, these make great travel gifts for foodies who appreciate quality take-out.


2. Cuisine Around the World Calendar


The Cuisine Around the World Calendar (click here to see the price at Uncommon Goods) features beautiful, lighthearted illustrations of twelve celebratory meals from around the world.  It also has an insert for New Year’s resolutions.  These travel gifts for foodies are sure to be an international inspiration.


3. Mobile Foodie Survival Kit


If food’s a real priority for you, travel may look less appealing when you realize you have to leave your spice rack at home! The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit (click here to see the price at UncommonGoods) can save you from that flavorless fate. Perfect for everything from camping to vacation rentals (after all, even an advertised “full kitchen” might not include spices), these travel gifts for foodies will spice up any short-term travels.


4. Home Baking Away from Home


Vacation rentals can be a toss-up when it comes to kitchen supplies.  You know that quaint beach property has an oven, but who knows if kitchen is properly equipped? Be prepared with your own portable kitchen supplies. Between a seriously convenient set of Nesting Prep Bowls (click here to see the price at UncommonGoods), a Twist Whisk ($9.49 at Amazon), and measuring cup matryoshka dolls ($12.99 at Amazon), you can turn any vacation baking gamble into a delicious guarantee.


5. TableTopics Foodies


Looking for some road trip entertainment?  TableTopics Foodies ($99.99 at Amazon) should do the trick! Refine your palate with a set of conversation cards that are fun for all varieties of food lovers.  With an attractive presentation in a super portable package, these flashcards make a fun invitation to talk about your food.


6. Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set


The Handspresso Outdoor Espresso Set ($158.61 at could be a lifesaver on your next road trip!  Just add hot water from the provided thermos, pump up the Handspresso Wild to 16 bars of pressure, and insert an espresso pod.  These travel gifts are great for anyone who likes to keep their coffee within an arm’s reach.


7. Autoseal Travel Mug


While travel mugs may not be the most original gifts for foodies, the practicality factor is hard to beat. Contigo AUTOSEAL Travel Mugs ($46.77 at Amazon) get my vote because they look good, they’re made of stainless steel, and they fit in most car cupholders.  Oh, of course, these travel mugs also earned fantastic reviews online.


8. Restaurants to Check Out: A Do-It-Yourself Restaurant Guide


Are foreign restaurants a priority for your favorite traveler? Restaurants to Check Out: A Do-It-Yourself Restaurant Guide ($10.93 at Amazon) is a durable spiral notebook set up for tracking favorite eateries and “must-order items.”  It’s a perfect opportunity for travelers to map out their culinary experiences. Also, check out the gushing reviews: these gifts for foodies come highly recommended!


Travel-Themed Gifts for Foodies at Home:

9. Salts of the World Test Tube Set


This gift might not travel with you (and really it shouldn’t–talk about a gift that would get strange looks at airport security).  What it will do is bring salts from around the world to your own kitchen.  With a selection including red salt from Hawaii, smoked salt from Denmark, and black salt from Cyprus, the Salts of the World Test Tube Set (click here to check the price at UncommonGoods) will delight culinary enthusiasts who appreciate global flavor.


10. Food-Focused Travel Books


Add some spice to armchair travel with Lonely Planet’s Food Lover’s Guide to the World ($9.95 at Amazon).  This literary-culinary adventure includes food travel tips, etiquette tips, and recipes from around the world.  Looking for gifts for foodies with a more concrete approach to food? Check out Hungry Planet: What the World Eats (Price Not Found at Amazon) for a compelling exploration of what 30 families around the world eat in a week.


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10 Fun Travel Gifts for Foodies
These unique travel gifts for foodies are certain to show off your good taste!


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