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Travel Gear for Global Ghostspotters



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These gifts will come in handy for anyone who’s hoping to see a ghost during this weekend’s Halloween travels.

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Packing your bags for Halloween travels to haunted destinations?  Don’t close that suitcase yet!   Here are some gifts that’ll come in handy for any casual ghosthunter who’s hoping to see a spirit or two this weekend.




Warm jacket

Arc'teryx Theta AR Jacket - Men's

If you have this jacket, you’re probably going ghosthunting. (Men’s Arc’teryx Theta AR Jacket at REI)

You know how the air goes cold when there’s a ghost nearby?  Well, you’re more likely to notice that temperature drop if you’re not fighting off impending hypothermia.  If you’re heading to a chilly climate, pick up a decent jacket before you go.  Remember, “I felt an icy hand touch my shoulder” makes a way better story than, “It was so freezing! Next year I’m packing a jacket.”


High-quality camera


Unique vacation photos: check. (Nikon D3200 kit on

What’s the best photo you’ve ever taken?  Now, wouldn’t that picture be better with a ghost in it?

Rumor has it that a high-quality sensor increases your chances of successfully photographing a ghost.  Even if you don’t manage to capture images of drowned maidens or long-deceased hospital patients, this camera will take some top-quality photos of anything from the hotel bar to haunted monuments.




Are you afraid of the dark?  (CREE XML XM-L T6 LED 1000 Lumens C8 Flashlight Torch Set on

Back to basics: Don’t forget your flashlight!  Wandering around in the dark is only fun when you’re not tripping over every step, footstool, and small animal nearby.  Think a flashlight’s a copout?  Get in the moment with some night vision goggles instead.


Comfortable shoes

Merrell Mix Master Move Glide Cross-Training Shoes - Women's

Merrell Mix Cross-training sneakers: Because haunted destinations should keep you on your toes.

You’ll always be a happier traveler if you pack a pair of comfortable shoes.  Try Merrell Mix Cross-Training Shoes from REI –they’re supportive, stylish, and won’t fall off if you feel the sudden urge to run away from something.


Teddy bear


Because even an unhappy ghost’s gotta respect a cute teddy bear. Gund Stitchie 14″ Bear at

So, it’s Halloween night and you’re camped out in shadows of a haunted mansion/forest/castle waiting for ghosts to appear.  Be honest: you’ll be happy to have a cute and cuddly teddy bear nearby.  As lots of kids would tell you, a stuffed bear makes a great antidote to all things scary.


Looking to get serious with this whole ghostly business?  You can also invest in an EMF monitor, thermal scanner, or a digital voice recorder, among other gear!  With a quick search you’ll find lots of sites for ghosthunters: Hop on back here to check out more fun gifts just for travelers.


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Travel Gear for Global Ghostspotters
These fun travel gifts are perfect for ghostspotters and any traveler who’s hoping to see a ghost this Halloween weekend!


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    I love that you suggest bringing a teddy bear! :)


      Thanks, Anya! I just sat back and thought, “Well, what would I want if I was spending my day in a haunted mansion? A teddy bear, of course.” :)

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