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Top 12 Leather Travel Journals



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Whether working abroad or hopping a cruise ship, every traveler should have the chance to write about their journey. You can give that travel writing experience with one of these classic leather travel journals.

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Does your brother want to be a travel writer?  Is a family friend leaping into the international job market?  Whether they’re working abroad or hopping a cruise ship, these classic leather travel journals are your chance to give the gift of that amazing travel writing experience.  Just make sure your chosen traveler brings a pen or pencil along for the ride!


The TGL Top 10 Leather Travel Journals:

1. Cavallini Roma Lussa Leather Journal


The Cavallini Roma Lussa Leather Journal (Price Not Found at Amazon) presents a new category of distinctive leather travel journals.  These softbound journals are handcrafted in Florence, Italy.  They have thick, ivory-laid pages, and the page edges are hand-marbleized to create unique patterns for each journal.  Between the colors, design, and the rich brown leather, these works of art will keep travelers inspired through any journey!


2. Portland Leather Goods Leather Snap Journal


These beautiful Leather Snap Journals are handcrafted, refillable, and made in the USA. I received one of these journals for free from Portland Leather Goods — with the caveat that I’d only post about it if I were impressed by the product. Well, I am impressed.  This journal looks and feels high quality. The “fire-branded” design is beautifully done and can be ordered in any of  various styles. Also, these leather travel journals can be ordered with blank or lined paper, making them a fantastic choice for either writers or artists on the move.


3. Lama Li Leather Journal


Lama Li Leather Journals ($20.75 at Amazon) are handmade in Nepal.  Each journal contains 100 pages of handcrafted “Lamali Lokta” parchment paper, and the classic, “olden” style is sure to attract comments throughout a traveler’s journey.  These 5″ x 7″ diaries make attractive and highly portable leather travel journals.


4. Italian Leather World Travel Journal


This Italian Leather Travel Journal ($47.99 at Amazon) includes 320 acid-free, cream-colored pages with gilt edges.  Among them you’ll find pages for summarizing and journaling your travel along with travel information and US and international city maps.  The soft calfskin cover breathes quality, and the journals are durable to stand up to the demands of world travel.  These make great travel gifts for young people setting off on global adventures.


5. Portland Leather Goods Triple Wrap Journal


Triple Wrap Journal could be a fantastic gift for your favorite traveler. I received one of these leather travel journals for free from Portland Leather Goods — and we agreed that I’d only feature it if I were impressed by the product. Let’s be clear: I’m impressed. Like the Leather Snap Journal featured above, this unique journal exudes quality. The leather is soft and seems durable and the “fire-branded” design is really beautifully done. Also, while these journals’ blank pages make them versatile enough for travel and non-travel use, designs like these must have been created with travelers in mind.


6. Rustic Classic Genuine Leather Journal


This Rustic Classic Genuine Leather Journal ($29.97 at Amazon) is handmade, durable, and lightweight.  Travelers can fill the unlined pages with travel writing or sketches, and the size is just right for bringing on trips and vacations.


7. Graphic Image World Travel Journal


Graphic Image’s Goatskin Leather Travel Journals (Price Not Found at Amazon) offer lots of extra information for the enthusiastic traveler.  Each journal’s 320 pages include travel summary pages and journal pages.  Between those, you’ll find guides to world time zones, international dialing codes, and conversions for weights and measurements.  The sewn bindings let the journals lie flat for easy writing, and the ribbon bookmark will help start off every entry on the right foot (and the right page!).


8. Fair Trade Handmade Leather Bound Journal

Handmade Leather World Travel Journals ($33.00 at Amazon) are made with “cruelty free” leather, and the recycled cotton pages mean it’s also “tree free.”  At 5″ x 7″, these embossed, old-world-style journals will make a great addition to any traveler’s suitcase.


9. Classic Leather Writing Journal


These Classic Leather Writing Journals ($47.99 at Amazon) are hand-bound and made in the USA.  These leather journals may not be dedicated travel diaries, but each journal’s 224 lined pages offer lots of space for writing about travel adventures!


10. Brown Leather Traveler’s Notebook


These Brown Leather Traveler’s Notebooks ($47.55 at Amazon) are crafted from handmade leather in Chiangmai, a city in northern Thailand. These are some of the best leather travel journals out there if you’re looking for a simple, beautifully presented gift.


11. Rhodia Webnotebook


The Rhodia Webnotebook ($16.34 at has a cheerfully eye-catching orange leather cover and 192 ivory pages.  These leather travel journals are wonderfully practical, too, as each has a ribbon bookmark, an elastic band for keeping the book closed, and a handy pouch pocket in the back for collecting paper souvenirs and ticket stubs.


12. Rustic Ridge Refillable Distressed Leather Travel Journal



Rustic Ridge Refillable Distressed Leather Travel Journals ($30.97 at Amazon) are handmade with genuine, high-quality leather.  Each includes 100 sheets of cream-colored, acid-free paper and a buckle closure.  At 6″ x 8″, these journals are also conveniently portable.  The expensive look and classic style will make these a great gift for the traveler in your life!


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Top 12 Leather Travel Journals
From classy Italian journals to eco-friendly diaries, these are’s top-rated picks for leather travel journals.


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