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Top 30 Green Gifts for Travelers



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These unique eco-friendly gifts are a great choice for environmentally conscious travelers with unquenchable wanderlust.

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Looking to balance your eco-consciousness and your wanderlust?  This travel gift list pulls together 30 great gifts for the environmentalist on the move.  These green gifts for travelers range from budget to high-end, and include everything from eco-friendly earphones to recycled wallets and dopp kits.

If you found your gift in this collection, that means it’s recycled, “upcycled,” or otherwise environmentally friendly.  If you found it anywhere on this site, you know it’ll make a great travel gift!


Top 30 Green Gifts for Travelers:

1. Fair Trade Cruelty Free Leather Passport Cover


This Fair Trade, Cruelty-Free Leather Passport Cover ($11.00 at Amazon) is a uniquely beautiful travel accessory. These green gifts for travelers are crafted by fair trade artisans using cruelty-free leather.


2. To-Go Ware RePEaT Bamboo Utensil Set


This RePEat Bamboo Utensil Set ($14.95 at Amazon) makes a great gift for travelers and for the environment.  The handy carrying pouch is made of recycled plastic bottles, and the attached carabiner means that you can clip it onto almost any bag.


3. Snow Peak Carry-On Chopsticks


These Snow Peak Carry-On Chopsticks (Price Not Found at Amazon) are high quality, reusable, and made from recycled materials.  They’re lightweight, easy to clean, and their “take-apart design” lets you separate the tip and the handle to store them in the tiny pouch provided.


4. Latitude Longitude Pendant


Carry memories of home close to your heart with a handcrafted, personalized Latitude Longitude Pendant (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods).  These recycled sterling silver pendants are engraved on one side with the coordinates of your chosen location — home, where they met, where she got married.  The other side of the pendant is impressed with the elegant image of a vintage-inspired compass rose.


5. The House of Marley EM-JE013-RT Jammin’ In-Ear Headphone


These Jammin’ In-Ear Headphones (Price Not Found at Amazon) feature real wood earbuds, a cloth cable, and powerful sound.  These green gifts for travelers are crafted by the House of Marley brand to be a responsible choice for the environment and for your budget!


6. Sleep Phones


Earbuds are a fantastic invention, but they’re not meant for sleeping in. That’s where these soft, comfortable Sleep Phones (Price Not Found at Amazon) come in.  These green gifts for travelers hide the speakers away in a soft, recycled plastic headband — which blocks noise and helps you enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep.


7. Soda Can Speaker


A Soda Can Speaker by Trash Amps (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods) will let you turn any aluminum can into a funky portable speaker.  Not only is this gift eco-friendly, reviewers rave that it looks great and sounds even better!


8. Luckies of London Travelogue Travel Journal


Keep track of your travels with a Luckies of London Travelogue Travel Journal (Price Not Found at Amazon).  These thoughtful green gifts for travelers are made from 100% recycled paper stock.


9. Leather World Travel Journal


These Handmade Leather World Travel Journals (Price Not Found at Amazon) are handcrafted by artisans in India using cruelty-free leather and recycled cotton paper.  The journal’s elegantly embossed cover features the image of a world map.


10. Bike Chain Luggage Tag


Do you know a traveler who loves cycling? Check out this top-rated Bike Chain Luggage Tag (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods).  These green gifts for travelers are handmade from recycled bike chain.


11. Qr Code Luggage Tag – Set Of 2


Your luggage will always find its way home with the help of these high-tech QR Code Luggage Tags (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods).  Made from durable recycled aluminum, these tags will help you store your contact details via a secure website so your bags can always be returned to you safely.


12. Bike Tube Travel Dopp Kit


A travel toiletry case with a twist: this sturdy Bike Tube Travel Dopp Kit (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods) is handmade using recycled bicycle inner tubes.


13. Upcycled Tent Dopp Kit


This Upcycled Tent Dopp Kit (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods) is hand crafted using reclaimed fabric discarded during the tent manufacturing process. A lightweight, durable twist on the classic dopp kit, these green gifts for travelers will be a real hit with people who love adventure travel.


14. Alchemy Goods Elliot Travel Kit


The Alchemy Goods Elliot Travel Kit (Price Not Found at Amazon) is a rugged, compact travel toiletry bag made from recycled truck inner tubes.  Not only are they durable and spill-proof, these green gifts for travelers are also made of 92% recycled materials.


15. Sari Make Up Bag


These Sari Make Up Bags (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods) are handcrafted from “upcycled” saris in a village near Rajasthan, India.  The patterned silk interior has plenty of pockets for smaller items, and the exterior will brighten any world traveler’s day.  These beautiful green gifts for travelers can also double as clutch purses.


16. GO! Towel 100% Organic Bamboo Compressed Towels (10-pack)


GO! Towels (Price Not Found at Amazon) are soft, undyed compressed towels (maybe better called “towelettes”) made from 100% organic bamboo.  These make a great gift for travelers who like to pack light.


17. Bobble Standard Water Bottle with Green Filter


Bobble Water Bottles (Price Not Found at Amazon) are made from FDA approved recycled plastic, and the bottles themselves are also completely recyclable. Reusable water bottles make practical green gifts for travelers who want to keep water handy without buying a new bottle at every turn.


18. Reclaimed T-Shirt Scarf


These super comfortable Reclaimed T-Shirt Scarves (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods) are made from unused cotton T-shirt scraps collected at apparel factories.  They are cut and sewn by disabled adults in the Aspiro program in Wisconsin, which specializes in teaching job skills to the cognitively disabled.


19. Sari Scarf


A brightly colored Sari Scarf (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods) will make a great accessory for your favorite traveler’s wardrobe.  These green gifts for travelers are handmade in India using “upcycled” silk saris.


20. Upcycled Sari Patch Skirt


These Upcycled Sari Patch Skirts (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods) are handcrafted in Rajasthan, India using repurposed fabric from vibrantly colored silk saris.  Not only are they lightweight, comfortable, and earth-friendly, they’re also likely to attract lots of compliments.


21. Seat Buckle Belts- Ford


These unique and popular Seat Buckle Belts (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods) are small enough to pack away in any suitcase.  Each features a replica of a Ford seatbelt buckle with reclaimed webbing.  These green gifts for travelers are handmade in New York using recycled seat belts.


22. Timbuk2 Full-Cycle Messenger Bag


The Timbuk2 Full-Cycle Messenger Bag (Price Not Found at Amazon) is made from 100% recycled fabric, buckles, and webbing.  When the time comes to let this awesome bag go, you’ll be glad to know that the bag itself is also recyclable!


23. Tube Messenger Bag


These rugged, waterproof Tube Messenger Bags (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods) are handmade from recycled truck tires. These green gifts for travelers also have good karma going for them: they’re handmade in a job skills workshop by people with disabilities and other limiting conditions.


24. Alchemy Goods Haversack Messenger Bag


This Alchemy Goods Haversack Messenger Bag (Price Not Found at Amazon) is made from upcycled bike inner tubes.  These green gifts for travelers make a perfect carry-all for daytime touring.  Each one features a roomy interior and a strap made from a recycled seat belt.


25. Recycled Bike Tube Purse: The Magnolia


This top-rated Recycled Bike Tube Purse (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods) is handmade using recycled bike inner tubes and recycled seat belts.  Just adding to its perfection among green gifts for travelers is the practicality factor: this durable shoulder bag is 100% waterproof.


26. Upcycled Zip Wallets


These Upcycled Zip Wallets (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods) are part of a beautiful solution to removing litter from Indonesian beaches.  Each wallet is handmade from 10 plastic bags that used to clutter Indonesian shorelines, and includes plenty of storage space for travelers’ change, ID, and credit cards.


27. Sprout Cork Strap Watch


These unisex Cork Watches (Price Not Found at Amazon) are lightweight and eco-friendly.  Created by the company Sprout, which aims to produce the most environmentally friendly watches possible, these watches make unique and affordable green gifts for travelers.


28. Luckies of London Scratch Map


This large-scale, high quality Luckies of London Scratch Map (Price Not Found at Amazon) is made of 100% recycled paper stock.  Like the best green gifts for travelers, it’s sure to bring back memories and inspire future exploration!


29. USB Rechargable AA Battery – 2 Cell Pack


Sometimes the simplest travel gifts get the most use.  Help your chosen traveler save money and the environment with these AA rechargeable batteries (Price Not Found at Amazon).  Not only are they eco-friendly, they’ll also recharge from any USB port along your journey.


30. Upcycled Mail Sack Ipad Case


Slip your iPad into a unique Upcycled Mail Sack iPad Case (click here to check the current price at UncommonGoods).  These green gifts for travelers will keep your most treasured gadget safe from scratches and dings. It also has a handy front pocket for cords and accessories.


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Top 30 Green Gifts for Travelers
This collection pulls together 30 green gifts for travelers whose wanderlust and eco-consciousness go hand in hand.


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