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Review: Beach Break Spanish Flash Card and Poker Set



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Travelers looking to play cards and pick up some Spanish on the road.

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Travelers who don't have any Spanish-speaking countries on their itinerary.

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The cards in this fun Beach Break Spanish Flash Card and Poker Set showcase practical travel phrases in Spanish and English.

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I’m not a poker player myself, but I still think this Beach Break Spanish Flash Card and Poker Set  is a great travel gift.  By printing useful phrases for travelers in Spanish and English on each playing card, Anne and Mike at Viajar y Amar have transformed a typical deck of cards into a fun learning tool for any traveler who’s heading off on a Spanish-speaking adventure.


The Beach Break Spanish Flash Card and Poker Set cards themselves are good quality and brightly printed.  The Standard Deck arrived in a cardboard box that’s neat and colorful.  The deck includes all the normal cards you’d need for a poker game with new friends at a hostel or Gin Rummy on the road, and each one showcases a practical travel word or phrase in Spanish and English.  Here are a few of the useful day-to-day words and phrases:

  • “Do you speak English? / Habla inglés?”
  • “The check, please. / La cuenta, por favor.”
  • “ATM / cajero automático”
  • “Excuse me, can you help me find the [name of hotel]? / Disculpe, ¿me puede ayudar a encontrar el hotel que se llama [name of hotel]?”

Other cards have a collection of related words and phrases, like one listing various greetings (“Hello.” “How are you?”) and another devoted to shopping (“Can I try it on?” “I want to buy it.”).

These Beach Break Spanish Flashcards also include some less typical phrases:

  • “I have a hangover. Let’s do shots of tequila. / Tengo cruda. Vamos a hacer shots de tequila.”
  • “Look out! There’s a pack of wild dogs on the next corner. / Cuidado! Hay una jauría salvaje en la próxima esquina.”


Most of the vocabulary included would be handy for both travel in Latin America and travel in Spain, though a couple words are more Latin American.  As a Spanish speaker who’s lived in Spain for four years now, though, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these fun flashcards to friends who are traveling to any Spanish-speaking country.  They might be most useful for people with a little knowledge of Spanish, but they would also make great travel gifts for just about anyone who’s looking to pick up more of the language.

The best travel gifts are the ones that help you make the most of your adventure, and this Spanish Flash Card and Poker Set does just that.  By combining classic entertainment and practical travel phrases into a cute and compact package, Anne and Mike at Viajar y Amar have put together a winning gift for other travelers heading off on their own “aventuras.”


Disclosure: Anne sent me a (free) copy of the this Spanish Flash Card and Poker Set for review.  That review’s getting posted here because I really like both the gift idea and the execution.  The idea behind Travel Gift List has always been to collect products that have or deserve excellent reviews, so I’m excited for this new addition to the site!


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