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The Best Inspirational Wall Art for Travelers



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This inspirational wall art for travelers will brighten your day while you dream about the next adventure.

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Are you tired of looking at blank walls when you could be looking at Paris or Tokyo?  Even if “real life” is calling a raincheck on your wanderlust, this inspirational wall art for travelers will brighten your day while you dream about the next adventure.

All the pieces below are top quality unframed prints.  The sellers have earned fantastic reviews on Etsy for their artwork and their customer service.  Even if you’re not convinced that these prints fit your style, a quick exploration of the sellers’ stores will reveal unique inspirational wall art for travelers of every taste.  You can also check out the Vintage Travel Posters Collection for more travel-themed home decorating ideas.


“Eat Well, Travel Often” Art Print


This “Eat Well, Travel Often” Art Print is the perfect fit for any global foodie’s kitchen.  This is the best inspirational wall art for travelers who like their travel with a culinary twist!


“Let’s Go Somewhere” Travel Art Print


This “Let’s Go Somewhere” Travel Art Print is hugely popular on sharing sites like Pinterest — and for good reason!  Its playful vibe is matched with bright colors and a cheerful travel message.  This inspirational wall art for travelers is also printed using top quality materials and even signed by the artist.


“Adventure Awaits” Vintage Map Wall Art


This “Adventure Awaits” Vintage Map Wall Art puts an olden twist on modern wanderlust.  Printed on 100% recycled paper with water-based inks, this inspirational wall art for travelers also offers a great eco-friendly gift option for environmentally conscious globetrotters.


Wanderlust Fine Art Print


How do you define wanderlust?  This Wanderlust Fine Art Print offers a beautiful take on the concept and places it against the fun aesthetic backdrop of mixed media collage.  According to the artist, this inspirational wall art for travelers is created using “a little bit of everything” — including old maps, book pages, and even sheet music.


Dr. Seuss Quote Art Print


This Dr. Seuss Quote Art Print will add a dash of cheerful color to any room in the house.  The artist’s nod to Dr. Seuess’s timeless wisdom is a fun touch, and the bright styling makes this great inspirational wall art for travelers of all ages.


“Adventure Is Out There” World Word Map


The “Adventure is Out There” World Word Map offers a triumphant statement that could tempt even deep-rooted armchair travelers into indulging their wanderlust.  In this inspirational wall art for travelers, each country is represented by its name, which has been graphically reshaped to fit the country’s borders.


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The Best Inspirational Wall Art for Travelers
This inspirational wall art for travelers will brighten your day while you dream about the next adventure.


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