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creative thinkers who love to collect their travel inspirations in writing.

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A Moleskine Travel Journal Gift Set makes a fun travel gift for creative thinkers.

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Looking for a great travel gift idea for creative thinkers who are always dreaming about the next destination? How about this Moleskin gift box? This set ($49.95 at Amazon) includes a Moleskine Travel Journal and two black Moleskine luggage tags.


Moleskine Travel Journal at Amazon

The Moleskine travel journal is no simple blank book: its 240 pages are divided into 10 tabbed sections to track your travel needs and memories.  The first five tabs are divided into Wish List, Planning, Weekends, Short Trips, and Long Trips, and the next five can be personalized by the writer.

A pull-out calendar dated through 2018 helps plan future adventures.  The journal also includes several pages of information ranging from time zones and temperatures to international airport codes.  The notebook’s acid-free paper promises a long lifetime for these memories, and an expandable inner pocket help travelers stay organized on the road.

The included Moleskine luggage tags are also practical and classy.  With rounded edges, elastic closures, and hard covers, these luggage tags join the classic Moleskine notebook as another “trusted and handy travel companion” in the Moleskine line.

Longtime travelers will appreciate Moleskine’s history of nurturing quality travel writing (right back to Hemingway).  In the meantime, new travelers can get their feet wet with the best quality notebooks out there. These journals have an air of creativity to them–combine that with travel and you’re inviting literary inspiration.

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Give a Moleskine Travel Journal Gift Set
A Moleskine Travel Journal Gift Set is the perfect travel gift idea for creative thinkers who are always dreaming about the next destination.


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