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Caffeinated Soap: Say Goodbye to Jetlag?



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coffee addicts and jetlagged travel warriors.

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that friend who hates peppermint.

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This caffeinated soap from Bath Buzz offers up 200mg of caffeine “per shower” and smells like peppermint.

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Caffeine in the shower? What could be better than that?

This caffeinated soap from Bath Buzz ($5.95 at Amazon) offers up 200mg of caffeine “per shower” and smells deliciously like peppermint. It delivers a jolt just like your daily coffee–or so we’d like to believe!  Reviews are mixed on Amazon and around the web about whether caffeinated soap gives you that feel-good morning jolt.  Some swear by it, though, with one review on Amazon saying:

If I knew absorbing caffeine through your skin was this effective, I would have started bathing in coffee years ago.

Bath Buzz caffeinated soap on

Anyway, at such a low price, who wouldn’t want to give this caffeinated soap a shot? (And when we say “a shot” I really mean “a rinse.”)

Shower shock aside, reviewers say this soap will help you clean up nicely.  The yummy smell gets lots of comments, and the idea of a soapy caffeine kick is silly enough to make anyone smile.  A small gift like this makes a perfect stocking stuffer or gag gift for your friend’s party.  Or, pair this caffeinated soap with some Bath Buzz Caffeinated Lotion (Price Not Found at and perhaps a container of Spazzstick caffeinated chapstick (Price Not Found at for a holiday gift set with a kick!

Travelers near and far will love the idea of rinsing away their jetlag.  This also makes an great travel gift for simple, practical reasons: basically, because anyone who’s ever been through TSA controls knows that it’s easier to travel with bar soap than a bottle of liquid soap (or a bottle of liquid anything).  A single bar should last through weeks of vacation.  It weighs very little and, unlike with body wash, there’s no chance of it opening and spilling all over the contents of your suitcase.

A bar of caffeinated soap makes a fun and cheerfully energizing gift for travelers.


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Caffeinated Soap for $5.89: Say Goodbye to Jetlag?
This caffeinated soap from Bath Buzz offers up 200mg of caffeine "per shower" and smells deliciously like peppermint.


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