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15 Unique, Romantic Gifts for Travelers



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Add a travel-loving touch to your special occasion with these romantic gifts for travelers.

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Looking for the perfect gift for that special traveling someone?  Trying to find a present that’ll bring back the joy of your holidays together?  With everything from quality canvas prints to travel-themed jewelry and artwork, these romantic gifts for travelers will help you add a travel-loving touch to any special occasion.

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15 Unique, Romantic Gifts for Travelers:
Romantic Jewelry and Trinkets

1. Bronze Custom Map Key Ring


Whether it’s the school where you first met or the restaurant where you got engaged, a top quality Bronze Custom Map Key Ring (click here to see it at UncommonGoods) lets you carry that memory everywhere.  These romantic gifts for travelers turn something seemingly ordinary into beautiful, personalized art.


2. Latitude Longitude Pendant


The uniquely elegant, sterling silver Latitude Longitude Pendant (click here to see it at UncommonGoods) offers a travel-centric twist on breathtaking, handmade jewelry.  The silver pendant features the coordinates of a special location on one side and an elaborate, vintage-inspired compass design on the other.  With a touching concept and impeccable workmanship, these romantic gifts for travelers will keep the place of your choosing close to her heart.


3. Custom Map Cufflinks


These handmade Custom Map Cufflinks (click here to see it at Uncommon Goods) feature custom selections from reproduced maps or charts.  Choose the port town where you went on your first date or the church where you were married.  Cast, cut, and pieced together by hand, these cufflinks make meaningful and personal romantic gifts for travelers.


4. Custom State Necklaces


Celebrate her hometown, the city where you met, or another chosen spot with a Custom State Necklace (click here to see it at Uncommon Goods).  Each necklace’s sterling silver pendant is accented with a 1.9mm white, conflict-free diamond placed on the zip code of your choosing.  One of these romantic gifts for travelers will bring her back to that favorite place no matter how far she travels.


5. Custom Beach Stacking Rings


Memorialize a beach wedding or any seaside holiday with a set of Custom Beach Stacking Rings (click here to see them at Uncommon Goods).  These elegant rings can be hand crafted using sand from any of 1,000 beaches around the world.  Or, for an even more personal touch, send in your own sand from that unforgettable shoreline.  These romantic gifts for travelers are both personal and bursting with personality.

Looking to create a personalized beach jewelry set?  Take a look at the popular Custom Beach necklacebracelet, and earrings from the same artist.


6. Hand Engraved Compass Necklaces


These Hand Engraved Compass Necklaces (click here to see them at Uncommon Goods) offer hand crafted elegance and inspiration to travelers.  With a choice of two inscriptions, “Find your way” or “Follow your heart,” these romantic gifts for travelers pair sterling silver and loving sentiments for beautiful results.


Personalized Art Gifts for the Home Base

7. Love Will Find A Way Personalized Art


Is your partner from a different state, or a different country?  Celebrate how you found each other with Love Will Find A Way Personalized Art (click here to see it at Uncommon Goods).  These romantic gifts for travelers are available in four color schemes, and offer a touching depiction of love’s triumph over distance.


8. Skyline Of Love


Pay homage to an iconic city and a loving couple with Skyline Of Love (click here to see it at Uncommon Goods).  This personalized artwork showcases the partners’ names, wedding year, and city above a stunning monochromatic illustration of a city that’s important to them.  With most US and international cities available, these romantic gifts for travelers are a great pick for celebrating any important event or anniversary.


9. Heart Marks the Spot Pillow:


A plush Heart Marks The Spot Pillow (click here to see it at Uncommon Goods) makes a cozy gift for the traveler who holds a soft spot in your heart.  Each of these romantic gifts for travelers comes with two hand-printed buttons so you can sew a heart or a star over your two most meaningful spots in the world.


10. “It All Began” Couple Map And Monogram Set


Commemorate that first special moment with an “It All Began” Couple Map And Monogram Set (click here to see it at Uncommon Goods).  With plenty of colors schemes to choose from, these romantic gifts for travelers pinpoint the location where you met, became engaged, or got married with an illustrated silhouette in one frame and the couple’s names monogrammed on the other.


A Few More Romantic Travel Gift Ideas

11. Custom calendars:


Celebrate your past travels with a gift that looks towards the future: a custom photo calendar (click here to see it at Zazzle).  With top quality printing and plenty of styles and sizes to choose from, these make great romantic gifts for the traveler who has everything.


12. Custom photos on canvas:


A personal photo printed on canvas (click here to see your options at Canvas On Demand) lets you showcase your travels together in a vibrant display piece.  Choose a favorite photo, pick the canvas size, and customize to your heart’s content!  These romantic gifts for travelers are all about the two of you; just choose the right photo to make this holiday a hit.


13. Photo Album


Sure, you could give a glossy photo book from Mixbook or Shutterfly.  An old fashioned photo album like the Pioneer Embroidered Stitched Leatherette Photo Album ($9.99 at Amazon) has one huge advantage, though: it isn’t finished.  The space for handwritten notes is a perk, but the unspoken romance of those empty final pages (waiting to be filled by your future travels) can’t be beat.  Photo albums like these make wonderful romantic gifts for travelers looking to replace glossy finality with the warmth of future possibilities.


14. Custom Photo Phone Case


Love the idea of turning something ordinary into a romantic, personalized gift?  Take your favorite couple’s photo and turn it into a custom phone case (click here to see it at Zazzle).  These romantic gifts for travelers are just right for a more recent couple: pick your photo or graphic to make your design just as sentimental as you want it to be.

Click here to see Zazzle’s whole collection of customizable phone cases.


15. Luggage Pros Personalized Maps


The Luggage Pros Personalized World Map  (Price Not Found at Amazon), also featured in its own gift post here at Travel Gift List, makes a fantastic gift for celebrating past travels and planning future getaways.  The brushed gold plaque at the top of each map can be personalized with your choice of text.  These make great romantic gifts for travelers who appreciate “olden” style decor and treasure their travel memories.

Does your special someone spend more time traveling in the USA than abroad?  Check out the Luggage Pros Personalized United States Travel Map ($149.00 at Amazon) for a USA rendition of the same personalized map.


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15 Unique, Romantic Gifts for Travelers
Add a travel-loving touch to your special occasion with one of these unique and romantic gifts for travelers.


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