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This site’s an ongoing project, and new gift ideas will be going up regularly.  For travel gift ideas and to share travel inspirations, you can follow the Travel Gift List on Facebook and Twitter.

Looking for the perfect travel gift for a friend?  Or are you thinking about treating yourself before your next travel adventure?


A friend took this photo of me right by the bullfighting ring in Ronda, Spain.

My name’s Jill, and I’ve put together to help all of us travelers find the best travel gifts.  From funky luggage tags to travel cameras, all these products got rave reviews around the internet.  Now they’re a few clicks away from a friend’s birthday party or the family Christmas tree.

The Travel Gift List is my response to past travel and gift-shopping dilemmas.  After all:

1. There are lots of great travel gift ideas out there.
2. Online shopping is convenient.

So, why did travel gift shopping always feel so complicated?

Travel gift ideas need a home base, and online travel shoppers could use a fun collection of Great Travel Stuff.  That’s where comes in.  I’m a research-lover who sees shopping as a great excuse to make lists and spreadsheets.  Pulling that research together for this site was a natural next step.

With a whole internet’s worth of possibilities, why not focus on the best gifts out there?

This gift collection is wide-ranging, but it’s not random: these ideas come from my own travel experiences.  Traveling between seventeen countries on four continents has given me an eye for which gifts make it into a suitcase and which ones offer a great welcome home.  Since I’m a picky shopper, I’ve only looked at products that are top rated (4 stars or higher, on average, across various review sites).  With a whole internet’s worth of possibilities, why not focus on the best gifts out there?

I’d love to hear from you.  If you have questions or comments, or if you want to recommend a travel product for the Travel Gift List, just send me a message.

Happy travels!


* Site bio photos by Christina Tom